Scandal: Paris is Burning Review

Here’s our review of last night’s Scandal.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5, Episode 3

Elizabeth North said the word of the day is “silence.” Well, Mellie took that too literally and Cyrus didn’t take it at all. 

For a show heavily centered on a female lead along with many other leading female roles, it was amazing how much this episode centered around one man: President Grant. Abby and Elizabeth focused on upholding his image to the American people while Mellie and Cyrus tried to take him down. However, Fitz did nothing without the sole approval of his own leading lady: Olivia Pope. So, while everything revolved around Fitz, he was still under the Olivia Pope spell. There is even a scene where Fitz waited for Olivia’s response, face pouting and desperate, and Abby looked awkward and uncomfortable to be witnessing their odd exchange. 

I hate to say it, but I was right there with her.

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Usually when I am set on a couple in a show, I am set. Nothing will change my mind about them. However, the desperation that they have for each other has surpassed “hopelessly in love” to “unhealthily in love.” In the beginning seasons, it was so beautiful and sweet and Olivia seemed to be this sort of medicine for Fitz; that hearing her voice even for a moment could put his mind at ease and make everything seem like it was going to be ok.

However, now I have seen too much. I have seen Fitz’s dark side, like when he murdered Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, or how he manipulated Mellie and even Olivia in the past. Tonight, when Fitz finally apologized to Mellie for taking her for granted and never appreciating the sacrifices she has made for him, I almost got emotional. However, it was hard to just forget all the horrible things he did. Plus, it didn’t help when Mellie replayed all his wrongdoings toward her after Cyrus lied to her saying she was getting “played” by Fitz. All she had gone through for him, because of him, displayed in a ten second montage that put Fitz in the hot seat, and Olivia as the promiscuous mistress.

Abby took over after Mellie backed out of the interview, painting Olivia as a woman who liked to get around town with high up officials. Of course, she didn’t do this without the “Olivia look” of approval. I’m hoping that’s the last time Abby gets the nod of “ok” and instead just goes with her own gut. Abby is the new fixer…she will be the one to “handle” things from now on.

Cyrus made a pitiful return as Mellie’s new chief advisor, then begging for his chief of staff position back with Fitz. Anyone could have told him just how fast Fitz would send him packing…again. If Fitz didn’t quite understand how twisted Cyrus was, his little lie to Mellie is just the beginning of Cyrus’ new reign. Mellie called him “soft” in last night’s episode, but calling him that was all he needed to get himself back in the game.

Lazarus 1 or Lazarus won?

An episode that barely left the setting of the White House took a small detour at the end of the episode where we see Huck and Quinn reacting to the seemingly understated news report that the Louvre was on fire.

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It was only a tiny strip scrolling through at the bottom of the news screen underneath Olivia’s demise, but it was enough to send Jake over to Papa Pope.

After Jake shares this news about the Louvre, Rowan calls the situation either “Lazarus 1” or “Lazarus won.” The scene was so quick, it wasn’t clear. However, this has to be some new operation or some sort of victory. I think it’s safe to say, though, that it is only the beginning.

Whatever this new story is, it will be a welcome storyline away from the dramatics of Olitz’s relationship. While Mellie and Cyrus working together is an interesting new dynamic and Oliva and Fitz may move from insufferable to adorable once again, the one thing I am the most curious about after tonight’s episode is why “Paris is burning?”


2.5 out of 5