Scandal: It’s Good to be Kink Review

Last night's Scandal focused primarily on the ladies. Find out how the episode fared in our review!

A Scandal all about women last night. It was an episode with poignant statements on the importance of having a voice and the fatality of not being allowed to have one. Here’s our review for last night’s episode.

Lena Dunham (Girls) gave a memorable performance as Suzanne Thomas, author of a rather exposing unpublished novel on her kinky sex life with 17 of DCs bachelors. The only problem was that Leo was one of her ex-lovers as well as David Rosen, threatening both of their careers as well as Abby’s.

Leo gives Abby a hard time about her concern for her job as press secretary and as a successful and significant member of the white house because it would be his job in the line since it’s actually him in the book. Abby slays it with a killer speech about the belittlement she receives as a woman. Even if an article is about Leo, they link back to Abby and manage to comment on her clothing and her body. The idea that women are sick and tired of their lives having to revolve around men was a theme throughout the episode and Abby wasn’t the only one fighting for the female name.

At the start of the episode, Olivia thinks she is going to have to take down Suzanne and her novel to keep Abby safe. However, after a scathing critique from Suzanne on how Olivia’s legendary status has diminished and now she is seen as weak with an astounding lack of courage; as someone who women can no longer look to as a brave female role model. Soon, Olivia and the gladiators discover Suzanne was recently fired from her job unlawfully after denying sex to her boss who he claimed she of course, “wanted it,” because that’s the kind of girl she was.

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The episode becomes less about protecting David, Leo, and Abby but more about giving Suzanne an opportunity to come forward about the attack by her boss. Olivia gives her that chance as well as a guarantee to share her story with the public. Towards the end of the episode, Abby, Olivia, and Suzanne were displaying the empowerment that is so commonly shut down for women.

I love when Scandal digs deeper into these very present issues in our world today. Gender equality is not usually so blatantly and aggressively addressed as it was on last night’s Scandal, and for that I commend Shonda Rhimes. 

Major Spoiler Alert…

After finding out  Suzanne had been killed, David Rosen makes a powerful comment about while he wasn’t the one who killed her and that he didn’t really do anything wrong, he also didn’t do anything right. All he felt was an extreme “sense of guilt” over doing absolutely nothing. Once again Rhimes is letting everyone have a say in this episode, all perspectives driving home and emphasizing this need to bring more attention to gender equality. This show is known for its wonderful cast of strong, female characters, but it was still vital to show this problem with inequality and utter disrespect towards women.

The Unexpected duos of the night…

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Suzanne and Huck: No, they did not have sex. He most definitely slashed her throat. You at first think it will be the man busting into her apartment with a knife who may kill her. Alas, it was none other than bloodlust, Huck, of course. It was all sign, sealed, and delivered at this point in the show, too. She wasn’t going to publish her novel, she still got to expose her boss, and no one lost their jobs. But, Huck didn’t feel like it was good enough, so he decided to still murder her to guarantee her silence and that his chance at immunity from prosecution when they start to bring down B-613 was still intact. David Rosen’s job was safe! He could have still done that for you with Suzanne still being alive. But…that’s not how Huck works.

Oliva and Handsome man from the bar: It’s a Fitz…it’s a Jake…no….it’s…a random, attractive man in a bar spending the night at Olivia’s apartment. What? Olivia decided to stop drinking bottles of wine on her own and chose to finally have some company. Just, none of the usual suspects. I’m not saying that this man will be a new love interest, but really, what a shame if Brian White doesn’t grace us with his presence at least one more time? 

Elizabeth and Mellie: Will Mellie like the idea of Elizabeth becoming Mellie’s campaign manager? I think…yes!

Unfortunately, Lena Dunham won’t be making any more appearances on Scandal. However, it looks like Cyrus’ ex-lover/hooker will be reprising his role next week.

Do I hear wedding bells?

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3.5 out of 5