Scandal: I See You Review

People were power hungry on last night’s Scandal and it is only bound to get worse. Here’s our review...

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5, Episode 14

Shonda Rhimes has always been a master of working in real-life current events and playing them out in her Scandal realm. It wasn’t clear at first in what direction Hollis Doyle was going to go when both Vice President Ross and Mellie Grant approached him for endorsements. But in the final scenes with his obtuse speech on his abhorrence for immigrants, boasting with such pride and narcissism, it was too easy to sense the serious comment on Donald Trump’s campaign that Rhimes was making. When Shonda Rhimes has the opportunity to take a stab at something, she will. Fitz even later goes on to say what a joke Hollis is and that no one will ever take him seriously…

I applaud Shonda Rhimes for her charming parallels.

In fact, all the potential candidates are starting to mirror our own with Vargas the underdog, coming out strong (Bernie Sanders) and Susan Ross and Mellie Grant the female, progressive representations in the nominations (Hilary Clinton). I am loving these politically charged episodes as they still adhere to the drama and grandeur that makes Scandal a weekly addiction.

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Another Huck Transformation

Anyone else’s heart drop watching Huck splay the body of his ex-wife’s boyfriend on the road? Poor Sean thought he was just getting a lift to the gas station after his car broke down. But, Huck had ulterior motives when he thought he was someone him and Charlie had tortured in his past seeking revenge on him.

Huck assured Liv that Sean wouldn’t remember anything when she, Marcus and Quinn found him with Sean’s limp body. Apparently, this man really was a good person. Huck let him go and decided to finally let his family go too.

The moment Huck shut of his computer screens, watching his son at his soccer match and his ex-wife and boyfriend cheering him on from the sidelines, was incredible. “Nessun Dorma” growing in the background made the scene feel even more epic and final. Even though Shonda Rhimes keeps this show fast paced with something new constantly happening, she keeps a character’s growth at a very gradual pace that is seems so aggravating at times and slow. But, it is actually one of the more honest aspects of the show. No one just changes overnight, it is over time with a lot of mistakes on the way to self discovery. This episode felt like a huge turning point for Huck and I welcomed it wholeheartedly.

The Liv and Jake Saga

I love the moments in Scandal when a character realizes something and plays back the scenes from the episode or a few episodes prior as they put the pieces together. But this final moment of the episode went even farther back than usual. It went all the way back to season 2 as a voiceover of Jake’s new fiancé played in the background of how her and Jake met. I didn’t catch it when she first said it, but I definitely saw it when Olivia did. Jake just bumped into his fiancé at a coffee shop in Georgetown, making her drop and crack her phone.

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So strange…that’s how him and Liv met back in season two.

While it seemed like Liv finally made peace with Jake’s new life, there is no way she is backing down now. Has he been playing her since season 2? Has their entire relationship been part of a scheme?

I wouldn’t put it past him.

Abby takes the White House

Abby spent most of the episode trying to figure out what Cyrus was up to with Governor Vargas. When she figures out his plan, she confides in Liv and tells her how much she wants to take down Cyrus and become chief of staff. While Abby may be deserving of the role, I felt like I could see fire in her eyes as she concocted this plan. Even after Liv’s advice not to be driven by the power, but to be a good person, Abby takes Cyrus down anyway.

Well, I guess Cyrus is out and Abby is the new chief of staff. But, I hope Red doesn’t think Cy will let her off the hook this easy.

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Quinn for president!

Or at least for OPA president. She completely called out Liv for abandoning OPA for the White House and for Fitz and how it tore them all apart. They were no longer the family they once were.

Liv confesses that it was her kidnapping that made her feel so broken and the need to be in complete control of everything again. Hence, her quick move to the White House and back into Fitz’s arms. She trusted that Quinn could take care of things at OPA and that she did. But, it looks like Liv has had the wake up call she needed for a long time. Thanks Quinn!

Liv is becoming more confident and independent as she once was and it may serve her well as she continues to dig deeper into Jake’s manipulative ways. This is the Olivia Pope I have been missing, the one Quinn said she was in awe of when she first met her.

I think she is making a comeback!

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3.5 out of 5