Scandal: Hardball Review

'The Constitution is going up in flames,' said David Rosen. Truer words have never been said. Here’s our review of last night’s Scandal.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 6, Episode 2

This episode was about filling in some of the gaps in time that we realized were there after last week’s premiere. One being…what happened between Mellie and Marcus?

Well, we all knew where it was heading and after seeing Marcus as the new press secretary to President Grant, it was obvious that had something to do with it. Little did we know was that Liv played a huge part in their destiny and while her choices made sense politically to her, I wasn’t really appreciating the similarity in its storyline to her and Fitz.

“Mellie and Marcus” is the new “Olivia and Fitz”

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As we see in one of the flashbacks, Mellie and Marcus pretty much fell in love with each other. But, of course Olivia only saw that as a threat to the campaign and when he was offered the job as press secretary (only after Liv had planted this idea in her head) Mellie saw it as Marcus trying to climb the political ladder through her connections.

At first I wasn’t sure of the significance of these flashbacks. I mean, it was nice seeing the development between Marcus and Mellie, but to have to be pulled away so quickly from it, felt cruel. Thanks a lot, Shonda Rhimes. Don’t deprive us of another cute couple! But, oh how she must. Especially since she is clearly trying to make the point that Mellie and Marcus would be the exact same things as Olivia and Fitz.

For a moment, I really thought Mellie was going to do the opposite of what Olivia did. That she would drop everything and be with Marcus. But, as Olivia said in this episode, she is tethered to power.

And so is Mellie.

As I mentioned last week, Olivia’s hunger for power is really getting on my nerves. And if I don’t see a redeeming character soon, I don’t know what I am going to do. Marcus is the closest thing we’ve got, but who else? Even Abby took things too far this episode when she totally dismissed the Constitution to get what she wanted.

Constitution, Shmonstitution

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Oh yeah, that little document that is supposed to be what America stands for? Meh, so who needs it apparently. Not Abby, who decided to use Jake to scare the living hell out of McClintock into making a full confession to murdering Vargas.

Cue David Rosen, busting in on Mellie and Olivia wine time and taking a glass for himself. Was it jarring for anyone else to see David so rattled by his ex-girlfriend’s unconstitutional actions and on the same page as Olivia?

To be fair though, Abby is just doing what she learned from Liv. Protecting the presidency.

And that is what drives Olivia this season. That is what she lives for. But, if Olivia does finally make it back into the White House through Mellie…will she be satisfied? Or is this just Olivia avoiding the reality of this thing called life?

Next week

It looks like we will continue into more investigation on whether or not Cyrus killed Vargas. Another incriminating video was found at the close of last night’s episode, but will it be enough for Fitz to launch a full investigation and admit to the entire country that he was wrong?

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Apparently, it’s a very hard thing to do. Especially for someone so bullheaded. Maybe his date with the FBI director may soften him up a bit…? However, I don’t think it will have the same effect on Liv.

With the seemingly impossible task to prove Cyrus’ involvement, that has never stopped the gladiators before. It doesn’t look like they are coming up for breath any time soon.

Until next time!

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2.5 out of 5