Revolution: There Will Be Blood, Review

The second episode of NBC's revolution from JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions continues to cement this show as one of the best sci-fi shows on television!

Well, thank goodness Zak Orth’s Aaron is ok. Or is he? Dramatic music cue. Anyhow, I figured out what it is that I like about this season so far – mystery. In Revolution season one, there really wasn’t any mystery. There was a lot of backstory reveal and army bang bang, but not much mystery. So, I’m involved. I’m not mockingly exclaiming “The Best Show On Television!” any more. Hey mysteries served my interest in Lost for quite a few seasons. Even Battlestar Galactica. It’s when the answers are revealed and they are weak, that’s the problem. In retrospect, it was the answers that ruined Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

And here we are: Episode two. So what’s happened to Aaron? That’s a mystery! They seem to be setting it up to be somehow connected to the swarms of creatures. OK, I’m interested. And then there’s Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Munroe (David Lyons). Well, I have a few ideas how that’s going to end up, so it’s not really a mystery. If nothing else, the bounty hunter and Charlie will hook up, or at least have some sexual tension. But they’ll probably hook up.

Miles’ (Billy Burke) confrontation outside Willoughby with the War Tribe/Lost Boys of Titus Andover (Matt Ross) proves itself to be taking another bite from The Walking Dead. Once again, though, I’m easy. I don’t mind it. I, once again, welcome the light-hearted pop culture references. Four brave souls, indeed! The flick Reign of Fire really did this kind of thing well, didn’t it?

Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) seems to be setting himself up well in the Savannah Refugee Camp regarding the new U.S.A. The tying together of two stories in the show felt a little quick. However, beware of backwards writing! You know what kind of people write backwards! 

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The flashbacks to the time of the tower are engagingly, uh, mysterious. Keep ‘em coming. Clearly one person shown has yet to be accounted for in the current flash forward. I look forward to that reveal, as well. All in all, another fine episode from the Revolution folks. ¡Salud to this broadcast network prime-time science fiction show!

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4 out of 5