Revisiting Kingdom Hospital – episode 8

This episode is better than the last one - not least because Antibus is back, which is always good...

Another episode, another patient admitted to Kingdom Hospital. This time, it’s a millionaire who seems to think his wife has cheated on him, and has shot himself in the head. It would appear he also carries an organ donor card, which means he could be just what the lawyer in need of a heart transplant is looking for …

Two orderlies at the hospital with Down Syndrome, suggestively called Christa and Abel (Jennifer Cunningham and Brandon Bauer), tell Peter Rickman that Mary’s doll is just like him – she can’t speak, but she has secrets inside of her. He unbuttons the doll’s dress and finds old newspaper clippings inside, detailing the mill fire over a hundred years ago. The paper has a list of the names of the children who died or went missing, including Mary’s full name. Which means Sally Druse can now attempt to find her in the hospital’s records.

However, Druse is caught snooping by Stegman, who instructs the nurse that she is to have a hearing test because she refuses to listen to him and stay in her bed. Given that this was probably meant as a joke, it’s a bit odd that the nurse actually then gives Sally Druse a hearing test. But anyway, while in a glass booth with headphones on, Druse hears the voices of children, climaxing with a shrill scream that shatters the glass around her. In the sleep lab, Dr. Lona plans to pretend to be dead in order to get Dr. Elmer back for the head prank. For a professional doctor, it does seem quite rubbish and cruel to be painting herself white and blue to feign death. The strange thing is, as she’s thinking about the morgue, she suddenly finds herself there, lying on the table, as if she has been transported by the power of her mind alone. Elmer appears there too, kisses her, and then they both emerge back in the sleep lab, with no clue what just happened to them. Spooky.

Rolf tries to kill someone – it’s not really made clear who, as he simply picks up the defibrillator pads and stands around for a bit – but is shot dead by the security guard. That’s when the lawyer gets a visit from Antibus, our “beautiful, disgusting” friend. I can see why he won an award, he’s a very adorable CGI animal. It would appear Antibus eats disease, or evil, or both, which is a very select diet. The lawyer has been promised the heart of the dying millionaire, but it would seem Otto’s dog has gotten hold of the heart from the ice box and given it to the ant eater. Woops.

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Episode eight ends on a wonderfully gruesome note, with Antibus simply ripping the lawyer’s heart from his chest and shoving in the new one, watched by a clearly frightened and tearful Mary. Is he dead, will he become a ghost, or will he survive? And how exactly did Dr. Lona end up in the morgue simply by thinking about it? Tune in next time to find out!