Review: Lost 3.21

Anything entitled 'Greatest Hits' has got to be bad, surely? Well, apparently not...

Beware! For there be mild spoilers ahead…

There have been a few times this season where episodes have aired and I’ve said ‘Yeah, it was really good’, but if I’m being honest, I may have been pushing the truth. Some episodes that should have been getting 9 out of 10 were getting 7s. It was never a big issue, just a little dip in the quality of episodes, but I always knew they’d be back to fighting form in no time.

Over the past few weeks, ever since that dreadful Paulo and Nikki episode actually, the episodes have been picking up pace and intensity, each one better than the last. Forget all that ‘it isn’t as good as season one’ moaning stuff, if you’ve lost faith in Lost, you need to find it again. Watch season three all the way through, because trust me, it pays off. This week’s episode was a solid 9.5 out of 10.

Just like Heroes, Lost is building up well in advance of its two-episode season finale. At this moment, Lost seems like it’s going to win the bout – and everyone knows how amazing Heroes has been this year. This was a Charlie episode and it was very intense and well thought out, each flashback giving pertinence to the episode at hand.

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If you’ve not been watching season three, you may want to look away…


So, we all know what Desmond’s been seeing recently: the inevitable. It has approached. Charlie’s mortality seems to be coming to a close, but he isn’t going out like a fish in a barrel. He wants to be helpful, he wants to use his last breath to help the people of flight 815 to get home. Whether he does or not, I’ll leave that up to the watching. But be aware, there are a few moments where tears might well up in your eyes. Depending on how much you like Lost really.

For the rest of the episode, it seems like Jack has FINALLY taken his rightful place as General Shepard of the 815 army, mentioned way back when Ana-Lucia was still a love interest. And unless Jack is some kind of necrophiliac, I think that storyline may have been taken off the table. But if you remember, the episode The Hunting Party, Jack finished that episode with “How long do you think it would take to train an army?” and then nothing happened for a season and a half. Well well well, I’m happy to say, it’s happening.

In conclusion, as the conclusion is where we finish this rag-tag review, Lost this week was mind-bendingly brilliant. It was full of all that stuff it needed: suspense, intrigue, blowing shit up, a boat, Hurley getting called fat and a brilliant cliff-hanger. Lost is back on track.