Resurrection: Home, review

Resurrection idles as the show looks for new ideas

At one point tonight, Maggie Langston tells Agent Marty Bellamy that they’re out of ideas. Is that a meta way of talking about this show in general? They’re contemplating getting the government involved in their investigation of people who have returned from the dead, but fear the ramifications. Maggie thinks that maybe they should get more people tangled, and I cant help but agree. I side with Bellamy that it could have terrible consequences for little returned Jacob, but at least we’ll get some more drama brewing. Tonight we saw just what happens when more people start to get interested in just how all of this is happening, and the scenes are the most interesting thing that this show has had to offer in quite some time.

At a church service, Pastor Tom decides to open the floor to an open forum where they can discuss whatever fears they have on their mind. At first things stay cordial, but then Gary, the cousin of Gale, who was killed by Caleb Richards, starts riling people up. The scene shows just how messy things can get when more and more people start discovering these mysterious circumstances. Tensions rise until the pesky woman from the congregation reveals to everyone that Rachel is carrying Tom’s child. She found this out from Tom’s wife, who discovers the news from her husband, but is devastated by what that means for their marriage. It already means that Tom lied about Rachel leaving Arcadia, so she doesn’t think twice about betraying her husband. During his sermon, Tom pleads that they “can’t let this divide us,” talking how the returned shouldn’t come between the town, but look at how it’s dividing Tom’s life right down the line.

There’s another good new addition this week in Eric, a physician friend of Maggie that comes in to help with the investigation. He offers up a whacky theory to predict the longitude of where the next returned person will appear. His theory involves the multiverse. It’s just nice to hear someone offering some kind of prediction when everyone else just keeps marveling at the returned instead of asking how? Eric is obviously interested in Maggie, which gets Bellamy a little jealous, which is a cute little motive. The hot doctor may be the real reason why he hasn’t left Arcadia yet.

Eric gets the Langston’s to agree to some tests on Jacob, but refuse to let him stay at any facility. The Langston household is as boring this week as the last. Henry goes in to say goodnight to Jacob, and Jacob wistfully says, “I missed you, Dad,” to which Henry lovingly replies, “I missed you too son.” How many times are we going to get this same scene over and over, that always devolves into Henry painfully contemplating just what is happening after he spends a moment with Jacob. It’s exhaustingly repetitive.

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Fred Langston faces some strife for Caleb Richard’s disappearance, having to fend off attacks from the before mentioned Gary and even his so-called friends. He investigates Caleb’s cell and watches the tape over and over, but can’t come up with one single theory. His lack of guesses doesn’t translate well to the towns people of Arcadia, and in the episode’s final moments, they start taking things into their own hands. Gary, with the help of an Arcadia officer, kidnaps Rachel in a move of fear and hate towards the “demonic” returned people.

Even though this episode had a few solid moments, it still never kicked into high gear. Every week I begin to lament how wasted this intriguing premise is going, and I wonder if I should be watching the supposed superior French version. I’m waiting for this show to turn to X-Files like government conspiracy and drama. Can it happen in two episodes? Who knows. The show has performed well enough to warrant a second season, so who can tell if we’ll be getting any major revelations at all. If that’s the case, I’ll tell you who won’t be “returning” for season two. Sunday’s are full of way too many good programs to waste time on something so middling.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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3 out of 5