Raised by Wolves: Exclusive Clip Highlights Dangerous Deception

Raised by Wolves continues with more subtle subterfuge within the Mithraic camp in this exclusive clip from HBO Max.

Niamh Algar as Sue in Raised by Wolves
Photo: Coco Van Opens / HBO Max

Some of the pitfalls awaiting the Kepler-22b colonists in Raised by Wolves are literal holes in the ground, but other dangers are more understated. In the following exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, viewers are reminded of the precarious position Marcus and Sue are in as atheists having infiltrated the Mithraic ark before its departure from Earth. While missteps could easily have been overlooked during their journey in suspension, the way they act within the religious hierarchy could reveal them as imposters.

In the scene below, Sue continues to capitalize on the main difference between her own history and that of the woman whose face she stole: her medical training. Although the survivors of the downed ark are likely grateful for her skills, the anomalous story of her having learned them while in the simulated reality of their 12-year journey is the first red flag that may trigger others who doubt that she and Marcus are who they say they are.

The couple have so far shown great restraint and deference to their inept leader, but the bond they formed with Paul, the son of the soldiers whose identities they assumed, is pushing them to mount a rescue that the chain of command wants no part of. One result of constantly questioning Ambrose’s reluctance, as Sue does in this clip, is that the scrutiny of their aberrant behavior may lead to more cracks in their facade.

Knowledge of Mithraic scripture would seem to be a huge gap in Marcus’ and Sue’s knowledge, although it’s unclear if all disciples know intimately quotes such as the one Ambrose shared. However, the intense stare from Ambrose’s one remaining android would appear to indicate that Sue’s lack of recognition is at least somewhat unusual. It doesn’t appear to matter how useful to the group Marcus and Sue prove to be unless they can also stay within the confines of the rigid Mithraic power structure and the demands of religious devotion.

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Part of the enjoyment of watching Raised by Wolves comes from trying to decide who can be trusted and who to root for. Although on the one hand, viewers may wish for the kidnapped children to be raised safely by Mother and Father and maybe even come to welcome Campion into their fold, it’s hard not to wish for Marcus and Sue to reunite with Paul, even though they are responsible for the death of his real parents. In the meantime, HBO Max subscribers can enjoy the next installment on Thursday, September 10 to decide for themselves whom to back.