Quantico: God review

The NATs learn that everyone is always watching… like us. Here's our review of the latest episode of Quantico.

This Quantico review contains spoilers.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 6

Tonight’s episode of Quantico officially went full How to Get Away With Murder, what with all the illicit sexytimes, intrusions into personal lives, and shocking discoveries. I’m unclear why 1×06 is called “God,” but I’m going to guess it’s referencing an omniscient observer always watching.

Present: Simon helps Alex hack into Caleb Haas’ computer so she can watch him chasing her.

Past: The NATs practice surveillance, first on Hogan’s Alley and then at… gasp… Miranda’s home!

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The best part of the latter plot development was that Miranda took a page from Annalise Keating and opened herself up to investigation. Her son, Charlie, is out of juvie after trying to shoot up his high school, and she’s at her wits’ end after only three days of jumping at his shadow. So, rather than boring classroom activities, she invites them to put her life under the microscope.

Is it one-upping Liam, who fails to get through to Charlie? Is it using her students as unpaid, semi-skilled labor? Either way, it’s the kind of merging of professional and private, agency and civilians, that I like.

But rather than come to any conclusion about what Charlie may be planning, instead the agents—in full soapy fashion—learn more about each others’ love lives.

The fact that Alex finds out Ryan’s real assignment is actually the least juicy reveal tonight. Of course it happens when she and Ryan have Miranda’s house bugged and he runs into Liam, who doesn’t know it’s an assignment and blabs everything for Alex to overhear. I’m not saying I blame Alex for feeling lied to, especially as she was opening up to him sexually (with those shared showers) and emotionally. Her switching rooms with Vasquez leads into the latter’s present-day romance with Ryan—which is now in jeopardy as she tells Liam she believes he’s in cahoots with the enemy. And in the past, Alex is still bugging Liam—good for her.

Shelby is using Caleb as a booty call, making sure that she times her walk of shame when no one can spot her, and all but telling him he isn’t good enough for her. Except that she claims that she does really like him, she just can’t be in a relationship while training to be an agent.

From what we see in the future, however, she and Caleb do fall in love post-Quantico, only for Shelby to… are you ready… embark on an affair with Caleb’s dad! Who, I haven’t yet mentioned, is the deputy director! The fact that he can look his son in the face when Caleb talks about being able to put aside personal feelings for work is galling. And while I really dislike that little shit, watching him tear up when he tells Shelby that he’s always believed he wasn’t as good as his father, and she was the one person who made him feel better… I felt a twinge.

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But the couple that most got to me was our newest one—Simon and Raina! It was adorable that she asked Nimah to shoot him down, only for her twin to set up a date. Considering how Raina wrinkled her nose at Alex and Shelby comparing their FWB situations, it was especially sweet to see her take off her hijab in front of Simon and (I’m presuming) have sex with him. And it was genius to end the episode on him stumbling into the room, seeing both twins, and royally freaking out so much that he knocks himself unconscious. What’s with that creepy last shot of Nimah locking him in the bathroom?

Nimah and Raina Amin: Guilty?? Caleb catches at least one of the twins on camera at Grand Central the morning of the bombing, but it’s unclear if it were one or both. It looked as if whoever got spotted was adjusting her hijab… so could it have taken place right after a switchover?

Simon Asher: Guilty. Even though the episode ends on a fraught note for Simon and Raina, as the guy pretending to be gay, he’d be a hypocrite to break things off after finding out she’s pretending to be one person. So, if she’s guilty, perhaps he’s her co-conspirator.

Shelby Wyatt: Guilty. The little love-nest hotel she and Haas were holed up in is right near Grand Central.

Caleb Haas: Not Guilty? We’re still not sure why he was trying to erase the video of him and his father talking. Maybe to cover the old man’s ass, or maybe for another reason.

Alex Parrish: Not Guilty.

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Ryan Booth: Not Guilty. Though he’s about to get in trouuuble.

Liam O’Connor: Not Guilty.

Miranda Shaw: Not Guilty.

Charlie Shaw: Guilty? There was that mysterious, anonymous chat left on his computer via PairViewer after the exercise was supposedly over. Who could have sent it?

Natalie Vasquez: Not Guilty, but on the wrong side.

Elias Harper: Absent from this week’s episode, so N/A.

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4 out of 5