Pysch, Season 7, Episode 2: Juliet Takes a Luwah, Review

On Psych this week Shawn had a variety of reasons to be losing his mind . . .

The guys venture into a couple of areas I sadly know far too well this week: Internet Dating and living with your parents. Yes it’s embarrassing but damn it, you gotta make a lot of mistakes in this world before you find your way. If I had a nickel for every person I have ever met who told me they would much rather be reviewing TV shows, movies and comic books for a living over their jobs I would have over twelve dollars and fifty-five cents. To the layman that is over two-hundred and fifty people and the number is only headed north! Gus and Shawn; well at least Shawn continues to embody how to do what you are best at and continue to be a smart ass well into your thirties.

Henry has been released from the hospital after his point-blank gunshot wound and is back at home. Not only is Shawn doing his best to help, (he continues to call Henry “Father”), buy Cybill Shepherd (Dr. Madeleine Spencer) has flown in to assist in her ex-husband’s recovery. At Jules’ place, Shawn is helping his doting girlfriend put together some new furniture as he decides to reveal that he is planning on moving in with…his Dad. Jules is visibly pissed but is able to hold it in. Shawn reasons “how many more times is my Father going to be recovering from a gunshot wound in my lifetime?” You get the sense though that this could just be one of Shawn’s prank’s or one of his signature awkward moments before really committing to an adult situation. To Shawn’s surprise, Maddy is moving back in with Henry while he recuperates, giving Shawn the weird feeling now that he is now officially living with his parents.

Shawn heads to Psych, where Gus has set up a personal photo studio for himself to take pics for his “” profile. Through the website, Gus has found his “Indian Princess who bakes pies” but Shawn says that everyone lies on the Internet and that in person she is really going to look like the New Delhi version of Colonel Sanders with a wig. Gus tells Shawn that Jules IS NOT OKAY with Shawn moving in with Henry no matter what she says. Shawn dismisses it, but just then Gus turns the monitor towards Shawn, showing him Juliet’s profile under the name “Helene.” Wild at this discovery, Shawn crashes “Helene’s” date with a harmless, Seahorse loving local named Mike, ruining the complex sting operation that the SBPD is trying to run to capture a killer of two local women in their late-20’s. The only thing that they seem to have in common is that both women were members on the site. Shawn goes on a hysterical diatribe about how Detective O’Hara has been “jezebel-ling herself out to all of Santa Barbara.” Spencer, posing as a watier, is at his funniest when he thinks things are rocky with Jules. Juliet is quick to point out to Shawn that he was a finalist on a “Bachelor”- like television program last season.  

When Shawn heads back to Psych to tell him about “serious Jules issue,” Gus is there with new Internet love Rachel. I have to say that after all the time we have been waiting for Gus to have a love interest and the plethora of chicks that he has hit on, THIS is who they have decided on for “Fearless Guster?” She might be great down the line, but I am just not sold her yet. I actually miss past ladies Mira (Kerry Washington) and the amazing Sarah Shahi, who played Ruby. This just kind of seems like a mismatch and I am just “eh” so far.

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Jules continues to go on dates much to Shawn’s chagrin, but he joins Lassie and the gang in a mobile unit keeping all of her dates under constant surveillance. Shawn is convinced that Juliet is enjoying the assignment far too much than she should. Gus is aware that Jules is on the site, but does not know that she is actually trying to flush-out a killer. When Gus and Rachel bump into Jules and her date at the movie, Gus’ fiercely loyal reaction to what Juliet is doing to Shawn is vintage Gus. Shawn goes home only to realize he is sitting between his parents on the den couch watching The Boy Who Could Fly on cable and arguing over how he likes his socks folded.

Technical Advisor Fielding Mellish from is helping The Chief completely revamp Juliet/Helen’s profile because her emails to murder suspect “Mr. Personalities” have gone unanswered. Hysterically, Juliet is upset and taking it personally that the SBPD’s potential online-dating murderers are not responding to her queries. It is such a ridiculous premise, with Juliet’s self esteem taking a nosedive. I laughed out loud, snot coming out of my nose as Juliet is on the verge of tears because she is NOT AS attractive as the girls who have been murdered. After questioning Shawn over whether she is not as attractive, Shawn says “I don’t know Jules, those girls are dead. You are competing with girls who were murdered.” I never write “LMAO,” but my God this is hysterical.

With the help of the techie, Shawn’s new theory is that whichever women “Mr. Possibilities” did take out, a rejected woman wants revenge. After Shawn discovers that Gus’ new squeeze Rachael left Mr. Possibilities 8 or so messages, he accosts the new couple on a mini-golf course and naturally Rachael has an alibi. (Although Gus is not thrilled that she contacted some white guy 8 times!) Shawn calls Jules and she is awkwardly excited about her pending date with “Mr. Possibilities;” Gus is pissed; and Shawn walks in on Maddy and Henry having sex. Talk about a bad day.

Finally, a break in the case when Shawn realizes that “Mr. Possibilities” is a fraud with a record who created a profile in order to live a double life. After the SBPD falsely arrests the family man in front of his wife, kids and neighbors, Shawn receives a call from Mellish reporting there was activity on the guy’s account while he was in the back of the squad car. It is a formulaic episode for the Psych gang but that is where they excel. Shawn finally decides, after encountering his parents making love while in his 30’s, to ask Jules if he can move in.

Here is one big spoiler for you major PSYCH-O’s and it has nothing to do with Gladiator: “Maximus.”


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