Psych: S.E.I.Z.E the Day, Review

Psych better get its mojo back now that Lassiter’s going to be a dad.

For some reason, I felt like this week’s episode belonged as the season premiere. This was a pretty weak episode. In fact there was really no narrative to speak of, except that (wait for it)…Lassie’s gonna be a daddy. The rest is really just window dressing and that includes making Marlowe more of a main character. To be honest, I think that the gang has had their fill of new characters. Enough already.

Harris Trout (Anthony Michael Hall) returns as SBPD’s top watchdog. Trout has all sorts of problems of his own including dealing with an imaginary friend. Despite being demoted to a regular beat cop, Lassie is still trying to adjust to his new position. Which, by the way, sucks. Ever the professional, Lassie is always one to uphold the law. While he may take a few liberties in this episode as a uniform cop, it all goes out of the window when he realizes he’s gonna be a daddy.

Although he is “just your average” cop, Lassiter knows no bounds. Above all else Lassie is a cop above and he only knows one way— giving it 100% on the job. I did not really understand Trout’s obsession with Raoul, the hairless wolf that lived in his pantry. It seemed a little too silly even for Psych…and that’s saying something!

As much as Lassie does not want to be relegated to regular beat cop, he does it with as much enthusiasm as he can. I am not a fan of mixing up the regular episodes where the primary cast is not featured in their usual ragtag hijinks. Henry makes a quick appearance getting a ticket from Lassie but still no chief. That still bums me out. It looks like they are sticking to the six month suspension after all. And Psych cannot even get hired, making the episodes even more difficult to get through. It just doesn’t feel like Psych when all is said and done.

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That being said, the end cannot come soon enough for this particular Psych tenure. Considering it might be the last season, it’s time to get things back on track before we “Jump the Shark” any further than we already have. To be honest this is just not the Psych that made Psych. But I am holding on for hope that the gang gets their mojo back.

Den of Geek Rating: 2 Out of 5 Stars


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2 out of 5