Psych: Deez Nups, Review

Continuing through its seventh season and they keep on delivering the laughs.

The Psych crew is back in form after a terrific episode that finds Lassie finally getting hitched to his just sprung fiancée Marlowe (Kristy Swanson). I cannot believe I am saying this, but the gang is really growing up; I just hope it is not too fast. The chemistry, the laughs and even the emotional scenes are all top notch. If ever there were a troupe of actors that I would want to interview, it would easily be the Psych crew. They continue to gel, no matter how old they get. “Deez Nups” has some major revelations for the Pineapple faithful.

In Psych fashion, the guys are ready to kidnap Lassiter and throw him a Bachelor Party, Hangover style. But hold your horses; gangster Max “The Axe” Rizzo (played by the one and only Mike Starr that I met in Chicago thanks to the diminutive kings of Chi-Town, the Landan Brothers) is out for blood as his accountant Herb Pollack has flash drives of all of his illegal wrongdoings. Rizzo is trying to get to his rat accountant before he turns the screws and submits states evidence. But hey, there is a wedding going on and the guys have gone all out renting a party bus with Henry at the wheel. On the bus are Shawn, Gus, Woody and one of Lassie’s high school pals. That last character really sucked, but at least he had one good diatribe where he complained about hotel porn having unsatisfying content, including Chitty Chitty Gang Bang, Hannah Does Her Sisters and Batman and Throbbin. Anyway, Lassie for once seems at ease with Shawn and Gus. It must come from being absolutely stoked about getting married. The party bus even has a poster that says, “Sweet Stern Bush.” It is a reference to Shawn constantly referring to Lassie’s chest hair. Hysterical.On the flipside, Chief Vick, Jules and Marlowe’s Maid of Honor, “Big Wendy” (a damn funny Cocoa Brown), are having their own wild Bachelorette Party at the same casino as the guys. It was great to see Chief Vick let her hair down a little and cut loose with Jules and company. When the gauntlet is thrown down for Chief Vick to do some shots, she more than engages. The biggest surprise was the male stripper they ordered. As he starts his act, the girls are plastered and ready for the performance. Just then, Jules realizes that the stripper is none other than Buzz McNabb of the SBPD! I cracked up at this, because he is such a dumb lug for not realizing who he was dancing for. After the recognition, Jules announces, “Okay, I just got sober.”

The guys continue their quest, but through a twist, accidentally apprehend Herb the Accountant. The boys head back to his condo to retrieve the flash drive that will put Rizzo away for a good long while. However, two mobsters are waiting at his place and a shootout begins. The episode goes a little off-track with the mobster stuff, but some of the machinations are truly funny. Particularly, when they both attempt a prisoner exchange and neither end up with the right prisoner (you have to watch to get it!). Shawn has a major vision of where they can find Marlowe, even though they are just two hours from the wedding.

The scene of Lassie in an all-white tuxedo with tails and his groomsmen in tuxes coming down the escalator is a trip. It is made all the better when Woody shows up in a Speedo to quip, “You guys said to get in our suits!” Woody rules. Big Wendy had to be manacled to Chief Vick’s leg on a promise made to her parole officer, thus creating an awkward walk down the aisle. As it turns out, with Herb still in tow, they can have him officiate the ceremony. Turns out that he is an online certified justice of the peace! You really never saw Lassie so happy and you cannot help but root for the guy. His character has come a long way with the help of Gus, Shawn, Henry and, of course, Woody. The reception is a wonderful affair as everyone dances to “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.” They even set up a Soul Train, which lets and Shawn to get down.

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Jules is enjoying cake when Shawn goes over to sit with her. He gives her his tux jacket, because she is a little chilly. He goes to the bar to get them some drinks and has a really nice heart-to-heart with Henry who bluntly tells him, in not so many words, not to screw this up. Even though he can be a grump, Henry can have some sage wisdom from time to time. Actually, Shawn would not be Shawn without Henry training him to be a cop since he started walking. The oversized tux jacket is keeping Jules warm, but she starts digging the pockets and finds some major clues as to just how Shawn could have predicted his earlier vision about where Marlowe was after the melee.After seven seasons, the proverbial jig is up. A tearful Shawn does his best to explain his gift and what he does. He even plays the “I have solved over 100 murders” card; a very rare card to be fair. He pleads that he is great at what he does but still winds up with Jules throwing a drink in his face. Shawn looks around the room and sees Gus on the phone with Rachael, Lassie and his new bride, and Hell even Woody and Big Wendy hooked up! Shawn may just have blown his cover that he has been keeping for seven years. Despite the trickery, his love for Jules was not in the plan. That is the funny thing about plans though…Overall, this was one of the best episodes of the season and a watershed Psych moment for you die-hard Pineapplers out there. You know who you are. As far what happens next, we will just to wait for it. Wait for iiiiiiit…