Psych: Dead Air, Review

When the guys get into radio, it is nothing but smooth sounds

As the first third of the season ends with its twelfth episode, we Psych-os gear up for the final run to the finish line. Although, our guys in reality would never make it through an actual race; instead, they’d surely figure out a way to finish first without exerting an iota of physical activity. It has been a terrific seventh season as we begin this home stretch. Lots of questions have been answered and fortunately there have been no “semi-serious” episodes and that took the crew out of their wheelhouse. Why mess with near TV perfection? I always feel that those semi-serious episodes somehow derail the natural momentum of the show that has been created. Season 7 has been pure Psych fun from its season premiere where it began harkening back to the jujumogumbo that made the show hum on all cylinders. Shawn and Gus have already seized the worlds of Spanish soap operas, a cappella singing groups and high-end modeling, so it only seems natural that the guys take on the realm of talk show radio. The show starts with a flashback to their first appearance at Santa Barbara’s shock jock morning radio show back in 2009, giving us some point of reference. Crock Daniels and “The Crock Pot” has been a staple for the guys. Even while having barbecue with their ladies (Jules and Rachael), Henry, Gus and Shawn take time out to listen to their favorite on air debauchery. When they hear a gunshot go off, they realize that it was no sound effect and that Psych is going to have a case on their hands. I think they are more excited to infiltrate a radio station than anything else, but they still mourn the loss of Crock Daniels and those years of enjoyable radio. As Shawn says, “He was like the Howard Stern of radio!” When the guys get to the scene, they are met with Radio Station Owner Miranda Sherrod. Played by the gorgeous Garcelle Beauvais, Miranda seems to have a case of the Guses after their first meeting. Following the interview with The Crock’s old radio partner, the guys inevitably hit a dead end and are back to ask Miranda for some help. Naturally, Shawn recommends that he and Gus take over the recently vacated on air spot. While Shawn of course gives it a go first, it is Gus that wins the spot as a smooth operator. Turns out “Spence-Air” went south after he announces to an unbeknownst Gus that Rachael is heading back overseas to deal with her and her son’s visa issues. Things get personal real fast when Gus and Miranda set aside some time to talk about the radio station. Throwing herself at Gus makes for hilarious TV. The buttoned-up and always tucked-in half of Psych becomes a goofy and guilty Looney Tunes character around this ridiculously super-attractive woman. After being spurned, Shawn’s new show “Spence-Air” is canceled and is replaced with “Smooth Storm starring A Player Named Gus.” The next day, Gus debuts his absurd alter ego over the airwaves to much better ratings than “Spence-Air” could muster. His on air persona reminds me of his made up “John Slade” character from a few seasons back, mixed in with that of SNL’s “The Ladies Man.” With sunglasses, black turtleneck and incense, Gus fits the part to hilarious extremes. The investigation is fairly boilerplate until Gus is fired upon while leaving the station. If anyone does complete hysterics best, it is Dule Hill as Burton Guster: A pharmaceutical salesman, part-time detective and radio personality afraid of his own shadow. After they watch the ridiculous surveillance video from the radio station, I laughed my ass off at a terrified Gus screaming like a little girl before fainting and being given mouth to mouth by the lovely Miranda. For some reason, Rachael is privy to watch said video with the gang, which I really did not get since she is a civilian. When Shawn believes that long-time caller Laura of Crock’s show (and a new fan of “Smooth Storm”) gives the gang a tip about an ominous guy named Bob that was a bit of a stalker, they finally have a solid lead. However, Shawn and Gus have to be the bait to get the comic book villainous Bob out in the open. Gus is now wearing a bulletproof vest to work and is in a state of perpetually riotous fear whenever the “On Air” light goes off. Rachael and Miranda start a catfight (nice) in the middle of the radio station, but luckily Smooth Gus is able to calm them down, despite this kind of a fight being on his bucket list! When Lassie gets a bead on where Bob is, he relays it to Jules who is watching Laura just to be safe. However, boom goes the dynamite as Jules is blindsided with a lamp to the head knocking her unconscious. Once the guys go through Laura’s drawers (not literally), they find all kinds of anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers. This being Gus’s bread and butter, Laura is now suspect number one. However, they confer with her doctors and realize that Laura has been doing very well and without incident for two years. Hmm. The final act is hilariously Gus-centric and really shows the team atmosphere of the crew. While I never reveal the killer in my reviews, this was another stellar effort in the Psych canon. As for my commentary, I am not pulling any punches when I say “good riddance” to Rachael.  I hope that she has to be overseas for more than six months, because she has been a total buzz killing anchor that weighs down her scenes and the pace of every episode. I have been waiting for her to be gone since her first appearance a few months back. Sorry, just not a fan. I am sure she is a fine actress with the right vehicle, but she just did not fit in well with the Psych dynamic. Next week, we start the final lap of the last four episodes. I hate when a season of a beloved show goes by so damn fast. Line of the Episode: (talking to the potential perp): “It was YOU as Bob that tried attack Juliet and turn her into ‘The Other Sister.'” Sorry to be insensitive, but I lost it at that line… Den of Geek Rating: 4 out of 5


4 out of 5