Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Wine Dark Sea

Even the return of an old favorite can’t save this weak Prison Break episode.

This Prison Break review contains spoilers.

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7

The conspiracy plot was eventually going to come to a head, wasn’t it?

Prison Break has always been tied into these bigger conspiracy plots. In the first season they kind of worked. Lincoln was framed for murder. He was a little guy caught up in the big system. Okay, cool. However, as the series went on the conspiracy plot got deeper and deeper and it just got weird. It eventually took over the show in season four and we all know that season sucked.

When this new season was announced I hoped the show would find a way to get rid of the conspiracy plots but alas they’ve come right back. I get why they’re included. We need reasons for our characters to end up in these high level prisons. We need reasons why they’re running all over the world. The problem here is that Poseidon/Jacob doesn’t have a clear motivation.

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I’m sure we’ll learn more in the remaining episodes but right now he just seems like an evil guy. I sort of was into the idea that he didn’t want to hurt Sara’s son but now he’s totally willing to do that. This guy isn’t T-Bag, he can’t threaten to hurt kids and still come away at least semi-likeable.

The best villains in Prison Break were the other prisoners. They were on the same level as Michael and Lincoln. Here the whole Poseidon plot just feels too large scale. If these are supposed to be the forces Michael is going up against let’s see Michael face off against them. Last episode’s plot worked so well because the two opponents could look each other in the eye. Here? Our team is running away from an unseen force.

Think back to season one. We saw our team interact with the guards. The warden. The conspiracy plot was going on around them but they also had immediate threats to deal with. In this episode it’s a lot of running away from nameless government soldiers. It just doesn’t work. 

Nor do Michael and Sara reuniting. For being such a hyped up moment it fell pretty flat. I never felt like the two characters had a lot of chemistry and that hasn’t changed. They’re supposed to be this epic love but neither of them has any amount of passion for the other. I get Michael was stabbed but bro, show a little more emotion. Please.

I was interested in the idea that Sara kind of renounced Michael in the years he was presumed dead and actually regretted what she did at Fox River. That has a lot of interesting story potential but it looks like that’ll be just swept under the rug. It’s a shame, because it would do a lot to make us engage with Sara more. Let’s get in her head.

After all these years does she really think her life is better for having helped Michael? I guess with the limited run there just wasn’t time to delve into this.  I would totally read an official Prison Break novel centered on this though.

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The bright spot of this episode was getting to see Sucre again. Yeah, his involvement was totally telegraphed from his brief scene in the first episode but he was still a joy. The guy is trying to sell sex dolls! That’s perfect! Sucre always managed to lighten the mood and I’m glad that it looks like he’ll be tagging along for the rest of the season.

This episode was a huge let down after the last few weeks. Maybe Michael trying to escape the prison that is the ocean will provide some great twists next time around.

Stray Thoughts

– GREEK HEROES. They’re real. They’re not like Superman. They can die. Okay, kid. Cool. 2deep4me.

– See ya, Ja! I actually kinda liked you!

– I know an uncomfortable amount about RC Helicopters and WOW that tiny one was way too loud.

– “He’s just like you.” How, Sara? How is he just like Michael? 

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….They’re on a boat. Shamus Kelley will never forget. Follow him on Twitter!


1.5 out of 5