Primeval series 2 episode 2 review

Rob whiles away his Saturday nights with dinosaurs and the blonde one out of S Club 7...

With last week’s raptor-based episode using every chase-around-corridors cliché this week’s killer wiggly worm-based prehistoric shenanigans dip into the same bag, with some fun and rather silly situations ensuing.

The episode kicks off in the past where the dodgy Helen Cutter is yomping through a prehistoric wilderness (which looked a lot like Lanzarote) and while foraging for food gets attacked by a Terrasaur (you know one of those thingies from Jurassic Park 3 that was kept in the aviary) and promptly gets… well, a good kicking. Even though this would seem a weird way to start an episode it all makes sense after a while as Helen once again appears in the present, which adds to the continued back story of the show that seems to be the ability of some to open the anomalies themselves. To what end they do this is yet to be explained but having this, along with a subtle thing with a security guard, makes the series a little more intriguing and adds another layer to what is essentially a monster-of-the-week kind of show.

And so to the monsters of this week. Well, if you have ever seen the Peter Jackson remake of King Kong you’ll be familiar with the monsters of this week as the creatures pouring out of the anomaly look very much like the horrific phallic nightmares that exist in the spider-pit sequence. It would be easy to stuff in a lot of nob gags and various other double entendres but I shall just leave these well alone, step away from the comedy review, and instead go about this in a much more sensible fashion. (Teehee! Giant evil prehistoric nob-like killer worms thingies!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Ahem. Anyway, the episode is quite a good mix of the aforementioned film clichés, taking a pinch of Tremors, a bit of Towering Inferno and even a smidge from Jaws. Combined, this produces quite a gruesome – but at the same time fun – episode.

As well as the obligatory monster chase scenes and the ‘clever’ way in which the team dispose of the threat with leaf blowers and air conditioning the characters interaction gets a little deeper. The rivalry between Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart gets a little more air time, carrying on from last week’s episode and while this situation is not out and out hatred and rivalry, it will be interesting to see the tension grow, as the source of their conflict is seemingly here for the long run. In addition to this the team’s duo of Abby and Connor take a knock as a new character, Caroline, is introduced. Whether she is playing on the side of the angels and actually likes Connor or is an agent of Lester remains to be seemed.

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It’s all quite unbelievable, as really Connor makes us Den of Geekers look very cool and funky and with Hannah Spearritt around (again with too many clothes on) and subtly making advances, why would he look at other women? However, apart from this, the relationship between the team seems to be splitting and with Jennifer/Claudia making a lot of headaches for the team it looks like the character arcs for the show are hotting up.

Overall, this was another decent episode and still a good little show to fill the 7pm Saturday evening position until Doctor Who starts again. As far as action adventure shows on a budget go, it’s all good fun, with nothing really taken too seriously and some nice little plot twists. With next week’s episode relating to a sabre-toothed tiger in Thope Park, things look like they are getting better and more over the top.