Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 6 Review: Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

Super Ninja Steel shouldn't have us actively rooting for its main couple to break up but here we are.

This Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 6

Let’s talk about Hayley and Calvin’s relationship. It doesn’t work. These two should not be together. Just look at this episode. While all the blame is laid on Calvin for jumping to conclusions you have to stop and wonder why he made those conclusions in the first place.

Why did Hayley keep the play a secret from him? There’s no reason to. Especially since they’re a couple you’d think Hayley would tell Calvin everything that’s going on in her life. If she feels the need to keep this play a secret, especially when she knows she’ll be kissing another boy? That puts her at fault as well.

If this episode had made it clear they were both in the wrong I could have worked with that but Hayley comes off blame free. I understand couples, especially teenagers, aren’t always the best at communicating. Hayley and Calvin don’t need to be perfect people but their conflict needs to be believable.

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In real life maybe Hayley wouldn’t have wanted to tell Calvin about the play because she was afraid he’d be jealous. That would be some great conflict, especially so the lesson could be, “oh if only we’d talked about it we could have avoided all these assumptions.”

We don’t get that. The way the episode presents it is that Hayley did everything she could to keep the play a secret so yeah, I have to side with Calvin here. Given the information he’s presented with he’s totally in the right for freaking out. I mean he’s an idiot for not noticing the school is putting on a play (seriously, did they not advertise it at all?) but still.

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The more you have to question the plot like this the weaker it gets. An audience can only take so many leaps of logic before they start to mentally tune out. I should not have to be doing the legwork of the writers in trying to justify why the characters are acting so stupid. This has been a consistent problem with Ninja Steel and it zaps any possible enjoyment out of it. 

Why are these two together? We clearly see Hayley is much smarter than Calvin. In fact it’s been established Calvin is kinda dumb. I get the impression Hayley is more babying Calvin than actually treating him like an equal. It doesn’t paint them in the best light and I don’t get what she sees in him. It’s a bad sign that half way through the episode I genuinely hoped they would break up by the end.

Do I need to say anything about the “Galactic Ninjas”? Last week we had the tiniest build up they’d be a huge deal but of course this week they’re treated like regular monsters. Nothing on the villain’s side of this series works. Galaxy Warriors as a show makes no sense and I don’t get what their goals are anymore.

The only slightly successful thing about this episode was the first half of Victor and Monty’s plot. Monty begging for Victor to be in the play so passionate how could I hate it? Less successful is them being sent to Africa. Why does this show delight in punishing Victor and Monty to increasingly absurd levels?

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In MMPR (which they seem to be stealing even more music from recently) Bulk and Skull might have gotten cakes splashed in their faces but they were never shipped to Africa to be eaten by lions. I know Victor and Monty have stretched the boundaries of believability before (Monty should be dead by now) but this is too much. We know they’re never going to mention how the two escaped those lions or made it back to America. It was all for a dumb joke.

A dumb joke that had little thought put into it, much like this episode.

I heartily recommend that if Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel isn’t doing it for you to go watch Voltron Legendary Defender. They just released a spectacular new season yesterday that’s well worth your time. It’ll excite you. Challenge you. Inspire you. It’ll be worth your time.

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. If only Victor and Monty had met Robo Knight. Follow him on Twitter! 


1 out of 5