Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Vrak Is Back Part 1

Robo Knight and Vrak return to Power Rangers Super Megaforce and bring a good plot with them! Here’s our review.

Vrak is back and so is Power Rangers Super Megaforce! Back to being good I mean. The show had been in a slump the last few weeks, but the return of James W. Bates seems to have brought back some of the glory of the early episodes this season. Is the episode perfect? No, but it tries so hard that it gets some real respect out of me.

What makes it stand out is the use of dramatic tension. Real stakes (both literally and figuratively now that I think of it)! We see civilians reacting to what Vrak has planned, even getting little details like taking pictures of the giant spikes on their cell phones. It’s a nice touch that reminds us that, oh hey, these are kind of real people to. Orion is kidnapped and his energy is drained, which not only further ups the stakes but also gives a somewhat logical reason why Orion isn’t around (instead of the half assed excuses we’ve been getting the past few weeks.) It’s sad to see Cameron Jebo doesn’t get much to do though.

The Rangers Super Mega powers are taken away somehow… Well it’s not really explained. Maybe they’ll explain that away next week, but I’ll let it slip because footage reasons. At least this is acknowledged in the dialogue with Vrak mocking the rangers, “What will you do without Super Mode?” This implies the Rangers have come to rely on this more powerful form and I like that. Will it be referenced after this two parter? Probably not, but it’s something.

Then, out of nowhere, suddenly Robo Knight! Nice to see he’s back after half a season with barely any mention of him! I’m glad the Rangers seemed shocked to see him again but it just underscores that ever since episode two, they haven’t significantly mentioned or looked for Robo Knight. You had time to go on picnics, but searching for someone Troy clearly had an emotional connection to? Who cares!

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It just makes me wish Robo Knight and Vrak had been referenced/seen throughout Super Megaforce. Show Vrak sending out a few monsters. Let’s see Troy dreaming (remember that totally dropped plot point?) about Robo Knight. Something! It adds tension!

Regardless, the Rangers bust out Ultra Mode and Noah gets to fight the now evil Robo Knight. It finally brings to the front the Robo Knight/ Noah relationship that I wish had been developed more than Robo Knight/ Troy. Noah is fighting his friend, someone he fought with for what seemed to be half a year. Vrak even mocks Noah, telling him that as a man of science he should appreciate what he’s doing to the Earth. Not sure why Noah is suddenly getting a ton of focus in these fights, but I’ll take it!

The Rangers bust out the Gosei Megazord from last season (which should have been used before now but let’s ignore that) and fight off Vraks monsters. We’re left with a killer cliffhanger of the whole world being in danger! Whoa, whoa! Having a two parter that ends with our characters in some kind of peril?! Insane!

It’s refreshing to see Power Rangers Super Megaforce handed all the elements to do a great episode and actually utilize some of them. I’m excited to see Part 2 and what happens with Robo Knight. It took a little longer to see him again than I would have liked, but this episode just proves how much better a plot is when you care about the characters involved.

I liked Robo Knight. Hell, he was the best part about Megaforce. So when he showed up? I got emotionally invested. Vrak is a credible villain because he’s survived so long and he’s faced the Rangers before. He knows their tactics and how to circumvent the new ones they’ve gained. This is great stuff!

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4 out of 5