Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Spirit of the Tiger review

Casey is back, teaching Emma and Jake they’ve got the animal spirits, and they’ve got the ranger spirits in this week's Super Megaforce.

Power Rangers actually being solidly entertaining for the past few weeks? I don’t know if my mind can handle that, but this week we were treated to the best episode the series has seen in years. I feel like I keep saying that every week but Super Megaforce has just been getting better and better. What with the introduction of two new rangers we’d never seen before (Blitz New Powers and Bet You Didn’t See That Coming) and the return of Jayden, “Spirit of the Tiger” had a lot to live up to. Well, we don’t get any new powers (I was so excited for Power Rangers Power of the Sun) but we get a returning cast member that’s around for longer than a few minutes, former Red Jungle Fury Ranger, Casey!

Who happens to be working as a pooper-scooper at the local zoo, which for some reason Emma finds super attractive? Different strokes for different folks I guess. Meanwhile, Jake is still trying to get in Gia’s pants but this week he tries a different tactic. He actually asks Emma if Gia likes him or not! What a concept! It’s the least creepy thing Jake has done since the show first hinted at his attraction. We even get a nice call back to Jake carrying Gia’s books, love it.

Can we also talk about how hilariously angry Troy was in this episode? When the monster of the day steals their weapons and manages to almost pulverize them, Troy flips his lid. He yells at them that, “A ranger never lets go of their weapons!” Later he berates Noah for even thinking of trying to find another way to defeat the monster, “We just won’t let go next time.” Troy look, I get it, you miss your dad- I mean Robo Knight. Times are hard, but Noah didn’t deserve that, especially when he was so excited to show of all his new and fancy research. Seriously Troy, just say you love Robo Knight and get it over with.


While Troy is getting revenge for being served a beverage in a plastic container, Jake and Emma find Mister Pooper Scooper himself, Casey, to learn how to fight without their weapons. Were you aware at all how easy it is to get into a Tiger cage at the zoo? Cause Jake and Emma just walk in like nothing. Call security!

Man, if you had told me five years ago I would be this excited to see Casey again? I’d have punched you. But his return brought a huge smile to my face, hilariously bad American accent and all.

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What’s even better about this scene is that the writers actually remembered why these Rangers were chosen, specifically for being like certain animals. Jake the Snake and Emma the Phoenix. Some may say they harnessed the powers too easily, but Casey was able to do almost the exact same thing with Dr. Jennings back in Jungle Fury when she was able to access the dolphin spirit outside Dr. Jennings Research Center. Where Dr. Jennings worked.

The Rangers go back into battle, this time armed with the Jungle Fury powers and are able to beat the monster in no time flat. They rush to find Casey again, but the staff at the zoo say no one by that name has ever worked there. While Troy sums up episode, Jake and Emma spot Casey training and making a hilarious tiger face. Before the others can spot him though, he disappears.

So here’s a theory, maybe all the past Rangers the team will meet are actually dead? The same sort of thing happened with Jayden last week where he mysteriously disappeared from Ernie’s. They only reveal themselves to the Rangers in times of dire need. Or maybe those kinds of “they’re all actually dead theories” are all stupid, nonsensical, and just try to ruin the fun world these shows take place in. My money is on that Casey just trespassed in the Zoo to hang out with the tigers. After all, he’s got the tiger spirit AND he’s got the ranger spirit.

For being the first real tribute episode Super Megaforce has done, they really hit it out of the park. Jason Smith reprises Casey with ease, and even portrays brilliant subtleties, such as when Jake and Emma run off with their morphers. He looks like he wishes he could join them but knows he can’t. We get some hilarious dialogue from Vekar once more, and all the Rangers act like teenagers! More of this Super Megaforce, please!

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5 out of 5