Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 2 Review: Forged in Steel

Ninja Steel manages to recover and delivers some solid promise for the future.

This Power Rangers Ninja Steel review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 2

In watching this episode, all I could think was, “Why wasn’t this premiere?” Seriously. The pacing was better, the characters interactions were fun, and there were some legit great twists. Was it perfect? No, but at least I’m invested in the series now. 

A lot of that is thanks to the reveal that Calvin and Hayley are dating. Power Rangers isn’t exactly known for its romances (outside Tommy and Kimberly) because it never quite commits to them. Dino Thunder backed off of Kira and Trent and Dino Charge only gave us a little flirting with Shelby and Tyler for most of the season. Alex and Jen were engaged in Time Force but quickly separated. To start with two Rangers in a relationship up front is legit exciting and has a lot of story potential.

Ninja Steel, do not drop the ball and have them act like they’re just friends most of the time. Give us some couples problems! I’m not saying they have to fight all the time but show us how being Rangers plays a role in the relationship. The episode doesn’t give us much about Hayley and Calvin as individual people but at least this episode sets the groundwork.

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While I had reservations about Victor and Monty as civilian side characters last week (and I’ll talk about them in a second), Mick came out the real winner this time around. Unlike those two, where the shtick seems to be wacky SLIME antics, Mick is legit hilarious. The way he digs on Earth being behind the times and hiding from the fight? That’s funny, plus it’s a little bit of world building! I hope Mick continues to comment on human behavior. Kelson Henderson proves once again he’s one of the most versatile actors Power Rangers has ever had. 

Plus, the Rangers secret base is in the school! That’s great! I mean yeah, it’ll be dumb if no one notices it’s there. I mean come on, is no one going to try and fix the paint machine? I would love if the Rangers have to keep switching around different rooms in the school to keep their base hidden. Imagine if one week it was in a janitor’s closet! That’d be some fun comedy.

So, Victor and Monty. I know we’re only two episodes in but to have both of those appearances be about wacky antics and especially getting slimed here? It’s not a good sign. There was one glimmer of hope there though. Victor comments on how great he looks and Monty agrees. I know this is probably just Monty agreeing with everything Victor says, but wouldn’t it be legit interesting if Monty had a huge crush on Victor? It’s not exactly romantic since Victor is an asshole, but it could be something.

Thank god this episode made me care about Brody. I mean god, after that first one I was legit worried we’d be getting another bland Red Ranger. It didn’t help his backstory took up five minutes of the episode. Here, it’s done in about ten seconds worth of flashback. Makes me wish they had cut the flashback in episode one, just had the reveal about his dad here, and devoted more time to Brody on the ship in episode one.

It’s also nice we get to see Brody have a more grounded reaction to his situation in this episode. He’s legit sad about not finding his brother. I mean it’s fairly obvious his brother wouldn’t have been there, who would stay in that shack when evil monsters attacked, but I appreciate that Brody isn’t just generic happy go lucky after spending ten years as basically a slave.

I’m also interested in the whole Brody gets to finally go to high school thing. Considering this guy missed ten years of school all together? He’s going to have a lot to catch up on. I worry the show will just act like he’s as smart as everyone else and won’t call attention to it, but at least the potential is there. 

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The five Rangers meeting up was fairly well done. Brody and Sarah’s, “I’m from outta town.” “I’m from outer space” was legit adorable and did way more to endear me to those two then the premiere did. Plus, Preston just existing and never being able to keep his hat on is adorable.

The action was okay, with the only real standout being the monster twisting a metal bat and declaring, “First the bat. Now your bones.” Lines like that go a long way to making the villains seem credible. Not to say they also can’t be a little funny. Galvanax’s reaction to teenagers getting the Power Stars was great. “Teenagers. The Earth is invested with them. Like cockroaches.” That is a very MMPR line and I love it.

The Zord battle was a little awkwardly paced (that was a LOT of name dropping) but I did enjoy the Rangers weren’t all comfortable using their Zords off the bat. Not exactly sure why Redbot didn’t grow to become a Zord and this ancient mystical Zord just happens to look like him. Seems a little too convenient.

The episode ends not on the Rangers all bonding but some possible fractures in the villains already. Galvanax doesn’t care about the ratings of Galaxy Warriors, which could cause some great conflict down the line. What happens if the ratings start to go down? Will they send down extra monsters? Vary up their tactics? Do not drop the ball on this one Ninja Steel, it could be a legit unique element to your season.

The episode also ends on a huge twist. One of the villains has the Gold Power Star! I legit did not see that coming and that’s rare with Power Rangers. Will they be able to use its powers? Will they be able to morph? This has some great possibilities.

While I’m still not entirely convinced Ninja Steel can follow up on all the potential this episode gave us, at least it has some now. Let’s see how the series develops its core team in the episodes to come.

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Stray Thoughts

– Always delighted when Power Rangers can find a new location to shoot in New Zealand. That opening fight with Hayley, Calvin, and Mick had a gorgeous backdrop. 

– Wow good to know this school hires anyone. Seriously, Mick getting hired was REALLY easy.

– “Piece of SPACE CAKE!” What makes a space cake a space cake?

– LOT OF conclusion jumping with that photo in the box.

– “Ninja Spin!” is a dumb morph call.

– The gigantify graphic is legit adorable.

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– You know, with Hayley’s Zord showing in Sarah’s Zord it kinda makes me wish they were the ones dating.

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3.5 out of 5