Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Silver Secret Review

Tyler and Shelby's romance finally reaches a tipping point as the season's arc slowly develops.

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 14

So should I just copy and paste my Dino Super Charge review from last week? We are now six episodes away from the finale of Dino Super Charge. The plot is finally starting to kick into gear and yet we’re still getting plots that should have been done a season ago. Granted, this was at least an episode fourteen or fifteen style plot instead of the episode five style plot of last week because they’re finally starting to develop a character that isn’t Chase or Koda.

The Tyler/Shelby romance has been teased throughout the run of the show but it was done in that usual Power Rangers style. Here we finally get some forward movement with the two finally admitting their feelings for each other after trying out for the N-Zed boys.

Yep, while last week had the B-Plot feel like it was from a standalone episode, here the A-Plot is squarely centered on this wacky idea of Shelby and Tyler both trying out for the N-Zed Boys. The N-Zed Boys who apparently also have a girl on the group? Shouldn’t they be called the N-Zed… Human Beings then? Ah well, it’s still super cute! Tyler can’t sing because he has stage fright and Chase badly tries to help him! Kendall reveals she trained for three years in music and helps Shelby out! It doesn’t all really track when you think about. I mean seriously, when would Kendall have time to go to school for music while she was studying dinosaurs? That’s some Tommy learning to become a racecar driver level of insanity.

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But it’s Power Rangers, so we can expect a little wackiness if the plot is solid. Which it is! Tyler and Shelby nearly kissing is something PR doesn’t often do and I can only hope we’ll see their relationship develop… In the last few episodes we have. See, that’s the thing. Their little flirting courtship was stretched out for way too long. Now we probably won’t get to see their relationship start to flourish. Or at least seem them go on a few dates. I’ve always pushed that Power Rangers should do long term romances more and this but like many elements of Dino Charge it feels like a wasted opportunity.

But hey, Koda interrupting the kiss was hilarious so it’s not all bad. That and Ivan’s reactions to Shelby and Tyler singing. This cast does so much with those little moments. For real Hollywood, hire Davi Santos in everything. This man is an untapped gem of talent.

Here’s the thing about this A-Plot. It’s fun. It’s wacky. It’s adorable, but it’s also a HUGE tonal shift and isn’t effected by the ongoing plot of Dino Super Charge. The whole fight with Doomwing happens, Xenowing is revealed, and they come up with a plan to split them. Once that’s done, we go about ten minutes without even mentioning it. What? Why can’t these two plots be tied together? Why can’t the pressure of having to perform while also working on a solution to Xenowing’s problem be effecting Shelby? Why can’t it be hanging over Tyler that he has all this responsibility while he also wants to try and pursue Shelby? As always, Dino Charge has all the pieces in place but doesn’t make the right moves.

The B-Plot, the one that actually moves the season’s arc forward, is rushed. I complained last week that it felt like they crammed a few episodes worth of material into one, but here it feels even more compressed. Needing to split Xenowing and Doomwing is set up and then solved in about eight minutes of screen time. We didn’t even know Doomwing was a split being until this week! We don’t know who Xenowing is because, of course, Keeper never mentioned it. Since we have no idea who this guy is, we don’t care. I will give them a few points for dropping the knowledge that Lord Arcanon probably did the same thing to Heckyl.

I think back to the first season of Dino Charge where they really took their time to build up Ivan. They told the story Zandar in chunks over the course of a few episodes then finally revealed him. It was great! There’s no excuse Dino Super Charge didn’t do this, what with having a string of mostly filler episodes that could have better set up not only Xeno/Doomwing but also Lord Arcanon.

I don’t know what to say about Dino Super Charge at this point. It’s plots of the week are usually fairly solid, but developing a long running arc completely eludes it. If you’re just into Power Rangers for wacky plots of the day, then Dino Super Charge is doing pretty solidly. The cast is great and I do like the characters. It’s the overarching plot that needs a lot of work and at this point the finale is going to be a rushed mess.

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Stray Thoughts

– That listening device plot was weak as hell. In what universe could they not hear through that vase?

– Kendall giving Shelby a ‘you are effing kidding me’ was a treat.

– We’ve all used banana mic’s. I get you, Tyler.

– Random dog because… poop joke?

– Ivan’s jamming face is LIFE. 

– Ivan’s awkward face is LIFE.

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– The pineapple thing was do dumb I laughed.

– Why didn’t Kendall morph?!

 Shamus Kelley now needs to put glasses on a pineapple. Follow him on Twitter!


2.5 out of 5