Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Forgive and Forget Review

Dino Super Charge stumbles with Heckyl but Riley finds an old lover!

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 2

This episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge is much like the marathon depicted within. It has a strong start, slowly loses momentum, and then completely botches the finish. What happened? I thought they were finally correcting the mistakes of last season, really kicking the show into high gear. Having a villain storm the base so early on is a ballsy move and would have raised the stakes ten fold.

Instead it’s all undone, rendering the episode fairly useless to the ongoing story. Sigh.

Yeah, yeah. I read the episode summaries. I should have known this wasn’t going to stick. But maybe they were really good at hiding it! Dino Charge has been good about keeping A/B stories going throughout each episode, so maybe Heckyl could have slowly gained their trust to the point he’d feel comfortable in storming the base. Or hoping he could bond to the other energem still out there. 

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It recalls an idea Power Rangers fans had all the way back in Jungle Fury. In that season, Dai Shi had possessed the body of former Pai Zhua student Jarrod. He could have easily ingratiated himself in the team and kneecapped the Rangers after he earned their trust. It would have completely turned the season on its head early on, as Heckyl could have done in this episode.

My god, Heckyl and Snide’s back and forth escalation of the plan was perfect! Heckyl instantly adapting to Snide’s plan to benefit his own. Alas. I’ll stop talking about what could have been. Heckyl is still a fascinating character, much smarter then your average Power Rangers villain, but they did some damage to his credibility here.

I will say, why doesn’t he go under a different name with the Rangers? Or wear a different outfit? They all seem pretty chill with this guy wearing a long trench coat while on the job. Even Ivan takes his off while working! What parent would hate their child enough to name them Heckyl? Why does no one question this? It would be a fascinating angle to run with, Tyler being very accepting and welcomes Heckyl in to the fold, with the others very concerned about this shady looking dude.

“Oh come on, guys,” Tyler would say. “You cant judge a book by its cover.”

Gah. I’ll stop.

What we’re left with was the epic story of Riley meeting his ex boyfriend for the first time in years. All the feelings Riley had for Burt came rushing back the moment he laid eyes on him. He remembered their long walks in the forest. The gentle kisses after a long day practicing for the next marathon. The rage that consumed him when Burt moved on.

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Sure, Riley got over it in time, but even now, every time he goes for a run, he remembers the way Burt made him feel.

So when his past lover does nothing but insult him, surrounded by a harem of new boy toys? Riley has to prove himself. Show that he’s moved on. Show that he doesn’t need Burt’s validation or love anymore. He even uses his Energem powers to assert his dominance, which totally backfires. He can never measure up.

Heckyl, sensing Riley’s internal strife, needles him while turning the flirt on. Show him, Riley. Show him exactly how much better you are. So Riley enters the marathon, determined to prove once and for all he’s over Burt.

That’s when the memory wipe happens. He sees Burt defenseless and it reminds him of all those years ago, before Burt built that iron wall around his emotions to keep Riley away. Riley melts, he knows he has to help Burt not just because of their past, but his duties as a Ranger.

When he cures Burt of the amnesia, he’s ready to walk away, his last chance at love gone. Burt, perhaps reminded of old times when all his memories came rushing back, tries to finally reach back out to his old flame. He knows they can’t be what they were, but maybe they can at least be friends. Riley agrees to this, and the two finish the marathon together, with some tension still present, but the wounds beginning to heal.

I mean yeah, it was kind of under the surface, but if you read the subtext? It’s all there. I mean come on, with the Heckyl plot such a disappointment, I had to find enjoyment somewhere in the episode.

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And oh yeah, where the hell was Keep- Oh, forget it. It comes to this. Should I forgive this episode? Or forget it?

Damn you, Dino Super Charge. Damn you.

Stray Thoughts 

 – R.I.P. “It’s a bomb!”

 – I’m glad they remembered the Energems can temporarily give you super strength. They need to do more with this.

 – “Who is nur?” Tyler lowkey stealing this episode.

 – Chase doesn’t want Riley to spray him in the mouth. Wow, this was the gayest episode ever.

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 – Oh Dino Super Drive mode. You are dumb.

 – Does Ivan not get to add his Energem in the final sword attack?

 – New Zealand Reference Counter: 0. I’m as shocked as you are.

Shamus Kelley is delighted how far Power Rangers will go to appeal to the man lovers in the audience. Follow him on Twitter!


2 out of 5