Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Catching Some Rays Review

Koda shines bright as the Rangers bask in the sun on the latest Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

This Power Rangers Dino Super Charge review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 12

Dino Charge’s greatest strengths lie in Koda and Ivan. Every time an episode is centered on those two it’s like magic. Even a weak episode like Riches and Rags was brought to above average status thanks to Ivan. What’s with these two characters that makes them so great?

The acting, for one. Both Yoshi Sudarso and Davi Santos play their slightly over the top characters with a truck load of heart and charm. Yoshi especially brings a child like innocence to Koda that is on full display here. From the scene at the start with the water snake faucet to remembering his grandfather, Yoshi plays the full spectrum of emotions with Koda while still portraying that warm innocence.

While some of the other Dino Charge Rangers have gotten spotty characterization, Koda and Ivan have been on lock since the second they appeared on screen. The writers know exactly what they want out of these characters. Is it easier because they’re out of time and thus can be a little more comedic? After all, it’s not quite as easy to make Riley act over the top and childlike. Of course, but that still makes them fun and unique. They create the kinds of stories no other Ranger in the history of the franchise could have.

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Koda not only discovering his old home but reminiscing about his grandfather was extremely touching, even if it’s a bit odd to realize his grandfather encountered a monster with ice cream cones for hands. Maybe ice cream exists on another planet? Who cares, it’s Power Rangers. While none of us have ever been trapped in ice for thousands of years, we can relate to missing our families.

Seeing Koda and Kendall run around dealing with the monster of the day makes me pine for the lost adventures of Koda, Ivan, and Kendall hanging out between Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge. Kendall is just uptight enough to get flustered by Koda and Ivan’s action while still being delicate enough to care about their feelings.

Speaking of Kendall, we got a little bit of development with her this episode! I always love when we get to meet Rangers family members and this was infinitely better then some of Power Rangers past grandmothers. We won’t speak of Grandma Matchmaker or The Fifth Crystal.

Kendall’s grandmother was great because we learned something about her thanks to her grandmother being there. Specifically, that Kendall has always wanted to be independent and do things herself. Why she’s that way we can’t say, but it does help explain why she sometimes finds working with the Rangers so stressful. Watching her silently react to her grandmother fixing things around the café was a great subtle performance from Claire Blackwelder. Who hasn’t had a parent or grandparent come over to their place and want to fix everything? Outside the glaring exception of Tyler and James, Dino Charge has been great about the Rangers and their parents. This isn’t quite Shelby and her dad, but it was still fun, if a bit brief. 

Lest we think this episode was all Kendall/Koda, the other Rangers got moments to act wacky. The crowning jewel was the Rangers having a great time while Poisandra and Curio tried to steal their Energems. After being mostly absent, it’s good to see these two come back into the spotlight. And hey, I am always up for Tyler acting wacky. This guy really shines when he gets comedy to play with. Ivan was, as always, on point with every single line.

It was a great little resolution with Koda declaring his grandfather his hero and while it didn’t totally tie into Kendall’s story, the sentiment was nice. But can that ending theme even hold a candle to Posiandra and Curio wanting to go on a real vacation? Holy hell, I live for scenes like this in Power Rangers. They want so badly to just have fun but Heckyl offers their tickets to the Vivix instead. My god, I want to see those vacation photos so badly.

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Finally, we get more set up with the Silver Ranger. As I predicted last week, this guy seems really shady. Wanting all this information on the Rangers can’t be good.

This episode didn’t quite hit the highs of last week, but it was still a solid outing for Dino Super Charge. Good to see the season is back from it’s vacation into mediocrity.

Stray Thoughts

– “This vacation is T-Rexecellent.” I won’t lie, I laughed.

– Wow, Grandma. I know you think oatmeal is healthy, but the customer is always right! You aren’t going to make four dollars profit that way.

– “Dino Super Charge Rangers, it’s HULA time!” Dying.

– Ice Cream Arm, triple cream twist! I won’t be forgetting that one for a long time.

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4 out of 5