Power Rangers Dino Charge: World Famous (in New Zealand!) Review

The Purple Ranger debuts in New Zealand on this weeks Power Ranger Dino Charge!

This Power Rangers Dino Charge review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 17

New Zealand is one of those countries that’s more famous for what it’s been transformed into then what it actually is. New Zealand has been Middle Earth, ancient Greece, and a ton of Power Rangers cities. Blue Bay Harbor, Reefside, New Tech City, Briarwood, and even Japan. This week in Dino Charge however, New Zealand is put on full display.

The Rangers track one of Sledge’s transport pods there and Chase is elated. He gets to show his friends around! We get a mini tour. With some editing you could turn it into a commercial or an opening theme in the style of Miami Vice. New Zealand Vice. Is it obvious this was done to get those sweet sweet tax breaks? Sure, but it includes Koda ripping his shirt off to swim with some dolphins. So really, you can’t get mad at it. It’s fun. It’s more or less pointless in the grand scheme of the episode, but it’s fun.

But who cares about tourism? We meet the man, the myth, and the world famous in New Zealand, Albert Smith. I didn’t think anyone would be able to challenge Ivan for “Best Ranger in Years” but Albert came damn close.  He’s just such a delightful old man. He runs some wacky tours and talks big about being an adventurer. With so little screen time he just nails every second and it’s obvious from the moment he shows up he’s going to be the Purple Ranger. How could he not be, with all that build up?

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I do love that Albert just deals with petty crimes as a Ranger. I mean really, when you don’t have any monster attacks what else can you do? Big crime doesn’t exactly exist in the Power Rangers universe. As Casey said all the way back in Jungle Fury? “The Power Rangers don’t like thieves.” So Albert is gonna get em! This actually makes me yearn for the days we got songs for new rangers. Imagine a whole action song dedicated to Albert!

Go Purple Ranger!

Purple Ranger!

His name is Albert, you won’t believeA guy from New Zealand can stop those thieves!You know when a trap is set it’s Purple Ranger!

Doesn’t have courage, that won’t stop him!Gonna remind Tyler of his Daddy issues!Look out, a trap is set, it’s Purple Ranger!

Purple RangerPurple RangerGo Purple Ranger!

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Purple Ranger Go!His power shuts off with fearBut he’ll still kick you in the rearHis traps will trip you up, it’s Purple Ranger!

When monsters comes to townAlbert will probably back downIt’s all good, Tyler’s gonna help out, the Purple Ranger!

Purple! Ranger! Go!Visit… New Zealand… Visit…Here comes Purple Ranger! MY BACK!

Purple RangerPurple Ranger go Purple Ranger!Purple RangerPurple Ranger!Go Purple Ranger!

Make it happen Saban.

I do question how Albert had never heard of a Power Ranger. I know New Zealand hasn’t been attacked by monsters but you think everyone in the world would have heard about the Power Rangers at this pint. Is Dino Charge supposed to be its own continuity? Some confirmation would be awesome. Also, how did Albert morph? He didn’t seem to have a blaster on hand outside of the morphing sequence. Ah, whatever. That’s all nit picky stuff that isn’t too big a deal at the end of the day. 

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What is a big deal is Albert training with the Rangers. He beats them all in a race and on the obstacle course. You know, all the other male Dino Charge cast members love taking shirtless selfies. Where’s the Albert shirtless selfie huh? Where’s that fanservice?

The Rangers are called back into action again and they’re ready for Albert to fight beside them. The team morphs but Albert is too scared to fight and quickly demorphs. One could interpret this as a self demorph but the energems have shown the past few weeks that if the emotional bond is weakened the powers will not hold. While Albert was used to taking on small time thieves, having to actually fight monsters is too much. It’s one of the more natural reactions to ever come out of a Ranger in the franchise.

While the Rangers go off to fight in the megazord Tyler tries to save Albert but his leg is frozen. Albert leads the monsters into a trap where he actually uses his old man skills to trap them. “You two need to learn some respect for the elderly!” You tell em, Albert.

The Rangers defeat the other monsters and the day is saved, but Albert knows he has to give up the powers. He gives the Energem to Keeper but vows he’ll keep New Zealand safe. I love how this episode treated Albert and it really hit home the message of the week. Just because you’re scared to fight the big evils of the world doesn’t make you less of a hero. Helping others on a small scale is just as worthy of praise. The world needs all kinds of bravery.

This was a really fun episode of Dino Charge. I actually wish it had been spread out over two episodes so we could have had more time to spend with Albert and a chance for the Rangers to explore New Zealand. Maybe they could show more of Chase’s family. That’s the thing about Dino Charge; it just runs through ideas like nothing. While it’s good that it can condense so much into twenty two minutes you wish they’d occasionally let some of the scenes breathe a bit. Although when my biggest complaint is that I wish the episode had been longer, you know it’s still a fun time.

This week introduced a new writer into the world of Power Rangers, Becca Barnes. It’s hard to know who writes what in Dino Charge, since Judd Lynn is credited on every episode but after last weeks less than stellar outing I can only assume Becca Barnes brought the much needed enthusiasm that made this episode so much fun.

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Stray Thoughts:

 -Kendall wanted Shelby to work seven days in a row? Is that legal?

-“What are Dolphins?” Ivan is a gift.

-Albert showing off that dragon egg made me wonder if Fireheart’s had any babies in the past few years.

-“My dad took me big foot hunting once.” –cue Ryan Steele music-

Shamus Kelley is desperate for a full sequence of Albert morphing. Follow him on Twitter!

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4.5 out of 5