Power Rangers Dino Charge: When Logic Fails Review

Dino Charge is back after a long hiatus and the story keeps on rolling!

Oh Power Rangers Dino Charge, how I’ve missed you. It’s been too many months since we last sat down together. I confess to actually having to look up Tyler’s name at some point this past week because the show has just been so out of my mind. Thankfully, the show came back on a solid note to renew my interest.

When we last left our heroes, the Rangers had lost the Gold Dino Charger and Fury had some sort of energy trying to escape from him. We pick up from that with Fury still trying to gain favor with Sledge and the Rangers attempting to figure out their enemies plan. The Rangers get lost in a maze thanks to Sledge’s newest monster, Puzzler. Riley steps up and is able to save the team but not before he witnesses the golden energy trying to escape from Fury. With teamwork the Rangers are reunited and take out Puzzler but not before Fury gains controls of the Ptera Zord.

It’s great to see Dino Charge not only give us another Riley focus episode but also be able to continue the subplot surrounding the gold energem without feeling like Riley is losing screen time. It’s a difficult balancing act the last four years never seemed to get right so I’m happy to see Dino Charge is continuing on its path to greatness. We even get time for some wacky jokes with Koda and his need for food. Some would call this humor juvenile. I call it hilarious AND it also demonstrates some subtle reminders about his character, that being when all the others Rangers are being frozen he’s totally unaffected. Since he was frozen in ice for so long this makes perfect sense!

Riley’s logic throughout the episode was fun, especially with the on screen visuals of his process in working out the problems. I wonder if those graphics were just for the benefit of the audience or Riley actually sees that kind of thing in his day to day life. If so, that would go quite a way to explaining why people made fun of him when he was younger. It probably still has to do with him being a farmer but you never know. I’ll keep hoping it’s because he’s somewhere in the LGBTQIA rainbow but I’m not holding my breath.

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The other big thing to talk about this episode is the location. You see, Power Rangers has been shooting in New Zealand for well over ten years. The show hasn’t exhausted every shooting location there but it tends to use the same ones over and over again. That city square will haunt my nightmares. This week though, we get the building the Rangers were trapped in and it’s a thing of beauty with marvelous set design. It genuinely looks like a run down old building; although for all I know they could have just found it that way. Regardless, it’s nice to see Power Rangers can still squeeze some new locations out that are as striking as that one.

Dino Charge continues to go from strength to strength and its build up to the reveal of the Gold Ranger is perfectly balanced with the continuing development of the team.


4 out of 5