Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Royal Rangers Review

New power ups, wacky dress up, and the gold energem! Dino Charge’s newest episode was the best the shows had to offer.

I’ve never been happier to sound like a broken record. Dino Charge keeps going from strength to strength and this week’s episode was easily my favorite the show has done so far. First up, we get an actual reason for a cockpit exclusive power up. Kendall explains that the new Dino Drive mode can only be used in the megazord and with that one line of dialogue Dino Charge has put Power Rangers Samurai to shame. Throughout that whole season we had the pointless “Mega Mode” power up that was never given a proper explanation for not being used in ground fights. Oh sure, they finally used Shogun mode in the finale of Super Samurai but that was hand wave at best and more a case of too little too late. Dino Charge on the other hand makes no bones about it and hopefully we’ll get a little more info on the power of Dino Drive mode.

The power up came at the perfect time, with Fury in his megazord that he can barely keep control of. I loved how the Rangers were controlling their zords before they had even morphed. It demonstrates the connection these Rangers have with their dinosaurs and who knows, maybe we’ll have a scene ala Lost Galaxy where one of the Rangers has a chat with a zord. I would adore that.

Let’s talk about the look of Dino Drive mode for a moment. Did you know this show is a giant toy advertisement? Because those giant batteries are a very clear, “Buy our toys!” It’s Power Rangers, so that is a marvelous addition.

After Fury retreats from the battle, we see the Rangers not only discover the Gold Energem but also recall a bit of back-story Riley provided earlier in the episode about the “Prince of Zandar.” Clear set up for the Gold Ranger aside, I always enjoy that Dino Charge is able to balance out the focus amongst the Rangers. Unlike some seasons (Mystic Force) it hasn’t felt like one Ranger is totally hogging the spotlight. Okay, except for everyone calling Chase a hotshot endlessly. But for the most part it’s nice to see this cast get to play off each other and their chemistry is infectious.

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No more so than when they enact their plan to trick Fury. Shelby and Tyler dress up as royalty to lure Fury into the open. Shelby’s reaction to wearing a dress is only made more fantastic when she makes an about face on it when she eyes Tyler in a regal suit. Shelby is all over Tyler and I love it, even going right for a kiss on the cheek without blinking.

A nice little lesson is carried throughout the episode with Shelby also trying to help a friend of hers get his art career off the ground. Kendall won’t hold an exhibit so she uses the fake prince/princess routine to get him some media coverage, proving that princesses can be much more than fancy and adorable.

While this hoax is going on, everyone but Koda is getting in on the dress up game with Chase as a tourist along with Riley and Kendall as security guards. You can tell the whole cast is having a blast with this and when the Rangers do manage to trick Fury, we get the best part of the episode. When Shelby has had enough of the heels and the dress and just wants to morph to get out of it. Morphing to get out of uncomfortable clothing. That’s a great little twist on Power Rangers tropes.

The Rangers all work together to stop Fury and Tyler looks ready to smash Fury in the face before he sees the energy inside Fury attempting to escape. The Rangers retreat and Kendall is furious. Why didn’t they finish Fury off? The other Rangers understand. The energy inside Fury? That could be Tyler’s dad.

A fun plot of the week while also forwarding the story arc? You know an episode is great when it feels so much longer than it actually is, but you’re still entertained. This isn’t like Megaforce where the plot would drag. Dino Charge’s plots never let up and pack so much in without feeling rushed. Add to that Poisandra and Curio watching a gossip show and Tyler going full on Ryan Steele (seriously, we need more angsty voice overs) this is my favorite episode without question. We’re only halfway through the season so my hopes are high we’ll keep getting better.

Stray Thoughts:

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-Good to see Curio is still hanging around and loves gossip shows. More Curio and Poisandra please!

-Does Shelby have a thing for fake moustaches on dudes? Also, she was totally checking out Tyler’s ass, right?

-Love the foreshadowing for the Gold Ranger. It’s been awhile since we’ve had this much build up to a sixth Ranger.


5 out of 5