Power Rangers Dino Charge: Double Ranger, Double Danger Review

The overplot of the season finally kicks into gear just before Dino Charge goes on hiatus!

Oh Dino Charge, you’ve been good to us for eight episodes. With a focus episode for every Ranger firmly under its belt, Dino Charge begins to make some forward movement. Not that it wasn’t setting things up before, but now it pulls the trigger with this one.

Poisandras success last week has Fury INFURIATED (hey, the episode made the joke to) at Sledge fawning over her. Poisandra picks a monster of her own to help her this week and can I just say, I love how amazingly supportive of Poisandra Sledge is being. We’ll see if that keeps up with her failure towards the end of the episode, but it’s great to see villain couples again in such strong force.

Okay, remember last season when I mentioned Troy and his tragic love of DaddyKnight, I mean Robo Knight, and how that was hilariously similar to VR Troopers? Well Tyler easily surpassed that in the first few episodes of Dino Charge but here? The Ryan Steele comparisons shoot through the roof. “I miss you so much Dad, I even wear your bracelet.” That’s almost as a good as the time Ryan said, in relation to his Dad, “I’m really touching you!” Hey, Judd Lynn did work on VR Troopers so it’s applicable here. My good sir, if you are reading this? Let us know if Tyler being so hung up on his dad is an intentional reference to VR Troopers.

Tyler goes off by himself and is tricked into leaving the team in the forest by a group of clone Rangers, which leads into them stealing the e-Tracer from last week for Poisandras use. When the other Rangers try and track down a disturbance in the city they’re attacked by the clone Rangers while Tyler has to handle Fury on his own.

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It is here we get one of the more intense scenes Power Rangers has had in quite awhile. An unmorphed Tyler fights against Fury and totally loses his mind when Fury takes his fathers bracelet, mentioning he knew him. Much like Ryan Steele, the second his father is mentioned, Tyler goes into a blind rage, slashing everything in sight and actually blowing up a car in the process.

Comparing Tyler v. Fury to something as hilariously weak as Troy v. Creepox or the lackluster Jayden v. Decker isn’t even fair. They built up to this without waiting the whole season to finally let them really go at it. I’m sure we’ll have more fights with them as the series goes on, but this felt like just the right amount of build up for some pay off. Not all however, as we see something is within Fury, keeping him at bay from killing Tyler. What is it you may be asking? Well if you’ve seen Kyoryuger, you have a fairly solid idea. It could also be his father. Or hey, it could even be Ryan Steele. You don’t know!

Tyler rejoins the team and they form the Megazord to defeat the cloning monster with… fart gas. I’ll let that one go Dino Charge, but lets just say I’m not a fan of fart jokes. At least they handled it with a little bit of class. The Rangers are also forced to take out the e-Tracer when Fury gets hold of it (don’t worry Shelby, you can always build a new one!) but in the process Fury gets a hold of the Gold Dino Charger. He’s off to take control of the Ptera Zord!

The episode closes out with the Rangers reminding us that because the villains are divided and they are united, they’ll win no matter what. Nice way of bringing up teamwork without shoving it down our throats (looking at you, Samurai and Megaforce.)

And now we’re on hiatus for around five months. Unlike Samurai and Megaforce’s hiatus’ I’m actually sad to see Dino Charge go. It’s been a ton of fun and very consistent throughout. If this is where we stop, at least it was a good ending point. It wasn’t a cliffhanger or some random episode. Sure, we don’t know what Fury will do to the Ptera zord, but that’s just enticing us to tune in again.

Overall, these first eight episodes are the strongest run of episodes since the show returned in 2011. Great characters, great plot, great dialogue, and amazing writers/actors. Judd Lynn is bringing the heat and shows no signs of stopping. Keep it up Dino Charge!

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-I love that Tyler mentions Shelby is smart before saying she’s cute. As it should be! 

-“Just… very angry squirrel.” I want that scene of Koda fighting a squirrel and losing.

-Chase thinks his clone is pretty hot. He’s gotta kiss himself he’s so pretty.

-“I built your head from a seat cushion.” OH MY GOD. Wrench is sick to Curio.

-The RPM helmet shots continue, but this time we’ve added some Iron Man like effects. Nice touch.

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-“NICE JOB, HOT SHOT!” Do we need to start a “Hot Shot” counter every episode?

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5 out of 5