Power Rangers Dino Charge: Breakout review

Tonight there’s gonna be a Fury break, somewhere in Amber Beach...here's our Power Rangers Dino Charge review.

This Power Rangers Dino Charge review contains spoilers.

It brings me no end of the delight that the entire basis of the Gold Ranger’s back-story was solely created to explain away an attack name from Kyoryuger. That is some classic Power Rangers work around magic and I love it.

I loved everything about this week’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. It not only introduced two new characters but also had humor, action, and finished off an arc. All in twentyish minutes! It’s a credit to the episode when it feels twice its length and not in the boring way.

After a short scene with Sledge, “Breakout” kicks off with some more footage of how the Stone of Zandar was lost. We’re introduced to Prince Philip, who wants all the artifacts in the new exhibit taken. You see, he’s the current Prince of Zandar and apparently has no regard for handling centuries old relics. You think he would have heard about this from his government.  

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Regardless, he takes the Gold Energem but Fury is hot on his tail. The Rangers comes to save the day and we get an impressive action set piece that involved not just the Rangers but a stretchy head Rexy. Fascinatingly, and this may have been nothing, but when Tyler is punching the foot soldiers it actually looks like energy is coming out of his fists. Probably just to make the fight cooler but still questionable nonetheless. We see the Rangers can hold their own against the monsters even without being morphed, although Riley and Chase rely on their weapons, which is nice attention to detail.The Rangers end up in Team Up Quarry where, through the power of the Gold Energem, the energy inside Fury is finally released. Tyler is overwhelmed, thinking it’s his Dad, but it is, in fact, Ivan, the knight who protected Prince Philips ancestor from Fury 800 years ago. He quickly morphs into the Gold Ranger and dispenses with the foot soldiers before taking charge of the Ptera Zord. Who knew a Zord could turn good by simply removing an evil cape?

With the monster defeated, Ivan wishes to hand the Gold Energem back over to Prince Philip but he declines. Now free of Fury, Ivan is off to explore the world! I have to wonder if Ivan was 100% conscious for those 800 years because he seems fairly chipper for a guy who’s had to witness the horrible atrocities Fury has caused in that time. Let’s just go with that once he was freed he became aware of the time passed. But I love Ivan! He’s so over the top and stereotypically knight-like. I’m really hoping for some fish out of water comedy with this guy. We’ve gotten a bit from Koda but nowhere near enough. I want wacky misunderstandings of modern day culture! I basically want him to be Dex from Masked Rider and I will never apologize for it. Never.

The comparisons to Merrick from Power Rangers Wild Force are also easy to make, what with being trapped in a monster for so long, but I hope Ivan gets a bit more to do than Merrick did, although if Ivan starts hanging out in a billiards hall (Bar) that would be hilarious.

“Breakout” was a ton of fun and was perfectly paced. I know I never shut up about pacing in these reviews but after four years of horribly paced Power Rangers I won’t stop noticing it when done well.

Stray Thoughts

– What would the Rangers have done with the Gold Energem if Philip hadn’t shown up? Would they have taken control of the Ptera Zord? Found their own sixth Ranger?

– Curio has no brain and has no shame in admitting that.

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– “Monster vanquished.” I see what you did there.

– If only Tyler had a Ryan Steele esque voiceover at the end, promising his Dad he’ll never stop looking for him.


5 out of 5