Power Rangers Dino Charge: A Fools Hour Review

The Power Rangers Dino Charge team confronts Sledge for the first time and the Megazord makes its first appearance!

While last week’s episode was a little shaky, Power Rangers Dino Charge is back in top form. It picks up on the long tradition of focusing on the Red Ranger for the third episode but still manages to give everyone time to shine. This includes the villains, who open the episode. It’s great that we’re getting to see that prison filled with monsters each and every episode because it’s truly something to behold. As suspected, Sledge promises the monster of the day that if he can recover just one energem, he’ll let him free. That’s such a great motivation for the monsters that we don’t normally get in Power Rangers. Usually it’s just, “RAWR, I’m evil.”

The Rangers are chilling in the base, Shelby pointing out that she shouldn’t need to work in the café because she’s saving the world, and Tyler is adorably excited to simply be a busboy. I have no idea where Tyler’s boundless enthusiasm comes from but it’s a refreshing change after Jayden and Troy. We get some huge knowledge dropped on us that the once bonded to the Energems, you stop aging. Koda bonded with one after 100,000 years ago, which is why he still speaks like the Hulk and sleeps in a cave I guess.

Wait a second, how does he not know how to speak properly when he’s been around for over 100,000 years? He should be fluent in every language known to man at that point! I’ll reserve judgment on this particular plot point until later, since more information may be coming.

Tyler notices a similar drawing in Koda’s cave to the one in his dad’s journal that resembles Fury. Before he can investigate further however, the team is alerted to evil forces heading to Earth. What follows is a rare sight for Power Rangers. The big bad, Sledge, shows up with all of his generals to try and take the Energems away.

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This not only establishes Sledge as a credible villain, since even his monster of the day can knock the Rangers out of morph, but it also shows how smart he is. He uses a well-known trope, that of saying he’ll return in one hour for the gems, when really he’ll just follow the Rangers back to their base and nab all of the gems. That is some serious planning.

While the battle goes on, Tyler notices Fury watching it all intently. In true VR Troopers style (seriously, Tyler is the new Ryan Steele) Tyler goes off one direction while the team heads in another. Tyler tries to justify it with being suspicious, but you know deep down it’s really about his dad. Subtly!

Tyler eventually catches up Fury, which leads him to the monster of the day who discovers their base. In true VR Troopers fashion, he grabs the nearest red vehicle and takes off in pursuit. What comes next is the best scene of the episode. The monster tries to take off from the planet in a spaceship but before he can get away? Tyler full on rams up with his jeep. Brilliant.

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The other Rangers eventually show up and the whole team joins in the fight. We get Dino Steel mode (courtesy of Kendall) and Shelby unleashes her triceratops on the city. Adding Tyler’s T-Rex (which he still calls Rexy) and Koda’s Stegosaurus, the three form the Megazord and they make quick work of the monster. Along with a new cockpit, we also get a new catchphrase to finish off the fight. The last four years? We’ve had such lazy catchphrases as, “Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.” “Mega Rangers. That’s a mega win!” and “Super Mega Rangers. That’s a super mega win.” Now?

“Monster. Extinct.” It’s the simple things that I love. 

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We close out our episode with the Rangers all working in the café, realizing they work better as a team, and Koda catches a whole burger in his mouth.  Isn’t it great when our characters learn a lesson in teamwork and it’s actually earned? What a concept!

This was a fantastic episode. Tyler was the focus but it wasn’t solely his episode. We’re still generally following the team as they learn to work together and discover more about Sledge and his crew. There’s still some unanswered questions but I now have some degree of confidence they’ll be addressed. I can’t help but shake Keeper has a darker side to him and maybe Sledge isn’t exactly as bad as we’re lead to believe. We’ll have to wait and see!

Stray Thoughts

“I’ll stay 18. This job has some great benefits.” “And I will always look like this.” “So there’s some negatives to.” This dialogue is a gift.

“The one, the only, my future husband. SLEDGE!” Poisandra, you are the greatest villain. Stay forever.

How hilarious that they air an E.T. commercial on Nickelodeon after Keeper shows up?

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As much as Sledge is shown as a credible threat in this episode? We still get the little gag of his jetpack thing not working before he kick starts it with a swift punch.  I adore you, Power Rangers.

“What is that stench? Smells almost… human.” How Ivan Ooze of you, Fury.

Who else caught Tyler humming the theme from Kyorgyuer at the start of the final scene?

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5 out of 5