Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 6 Review: Hangar Heist

Beast Morphers has all the tools for success but needs to work on its follow through.

This Power Rangers Beast Morphers review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 6

‘Hangar Heist’ is certainly a step in the right direction for Power Rangers Beast Morphers after big misses the last two weeks. It’s paced well and the action is fairly well done. There’s some set up for future installments and even a nice little continuity nod. On paper this episode should be a solid entry.

But there’s a big issue and that’s “the lesson.” It’s not a bad one. In fact it had all the potential to be amazing. Devon needing to trust his team sounds pretty basic but at first it seemed like we were getting a new spin on the standard Power Rangers trope. Devon wants his team’s complete trust without being questioned. Ravi gently tries to point out his rocket is put together wrong and Devon doesn’t want to hear it.

Rorrie D. Travis is quickly becoming the series’ best actor because his reaction to Ravi says so much about Devon. He hates getting unwanted advice. He doesn’t want to be wrong. Even when he clearly is he just finds an excuse for it. This speaks to the still unseen backstory of why it was so hard for Devon’s dad to get him a job at the cleaners.

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Devon has some deep issues when it comes to admitting his own flaws. He follows his instincts to a fault, perhaps because he’s afraid of what’ll happen if he overthinks things or has to face his own mistakes. ‘Hangar Heist’ had all the set up to deliver a solid character study of Devon but half way through the episode all of this is forgotten in favor of extended battle scenes.

They’re well done scenes sure, but after Devon is thrown out of the hangar by Ravi it’s pretty much generic Power Rangers action. We don’t see Devon struggling with trusting his instincts v. his team much and by the time it’s time to form the Megazord he’s pretty chill about it. Obviously we’ve got a whole series left to develop Devon but I wish ‘Hangar Heist’ had done more to explore his stubborn side. 

Beast Morphers is frustrating because it has the potential to be great. All the pieces are there. It has a great world. The characters are fun. The plot has a ton of places it can go. It’s just… not utilizing most of it. The premiere being so good could become a determent to the show if it stays at this level because it raised expectations so high.

Now when the show doesn’t address things like the Rangers not calling Nate for help at the hangar or why Roxy couldn’t just teleport in? It hurts the overall quality because the premiere demonstrated they could take the time to address those kinds of plot points.

It’s still not a bad episode, but I worry what it means for the show going forward. Are they going to be content with this level of quality or can we expect more? Hopefully that set up for Nate’s robot head pays off in an interesting way. 

The NASADA reference also deserves some mention. It’s shocking to hear the TV series go out of its way to not only reference a concept from a season that isn’t MMPR but also have it feel organic. It’s nothing to freak out over, this is the kind of thing the series should have been doing for years, but it’s appreciated. Sprinkling in little references like this keeps Power Rangers feeling like an interconnected universe. It’s one of the series’ biggest strengths that have gone woefully underutilized.

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3 out of 5