Pennyworth Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Thomas Wayne Tempts Alfred

We have an exclusive clip from the next all-new episode of Pennyworth on Epix.

The Wayne Family and trusty valet Alfred are destined to inseparable allies — but that might still be a ways off, if the new episode of Pennyworth is any indication.

If you’ll recall from the pilot, the young Alfred of swinging 1960s London had to wage war, and commit murder, to save his girlfriend Esme from a secret society — all because he happened to cross paths with American Thomas Wayne. So, not surprisingly, the former SAS soldier passed on the offer to join Mr. Wayne on his investigations of financial foulplay.

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But the Waynes have a habit of showing up when least expected and, in the exclusive clip below, Thomas arrives at Alfie’s club to try and recruit him once more. However, Alfie refuses to be a blunt instrument, and reminds the American of what happened last time he dealt with Wayne. More stiff G-man, and less charming playboy, Thomas naturally fails to woo Pennyworth, despite the offer of a lucrative payday.

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The scene suggests there is going to be a lot of tension to resolve between Thomas and Alfie before they become friends for life. Still, it’s a safe bet that Alife will nonetheless get caught up in Wayne’s case, because a man with the particular set of skills like our hero cannot avoid trouble for long.

Pennyworth airs on Epix on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Find out more about Pennyworth here.

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