Our Interview with Trenna Keating aka Defiance’s Doc Yewll

Defiance is blowing up big time, and we had a chance to interview part of the reason why...

SyFy’s Defiance television show is catching on big time, creating a large geekdom of followers for the newly minted sci-fi tv show.  It has been a while since we’ve seen any good sci-fi TV shows that we can really sink our teeth into, but the network’s latest series has all of the elements we want in a sci-fi TV show. Cool explosions, unique story, cool make-up, new languages, and a highly sarcastic alien doctor named Doc Yewll.

Doc Yewll is played by Canadian actress Trenna Keating, although you’d hardly recognize her under all of the make-up required to play her character.  We had a chance to interview Trenna to get a closer look into her role as Defiance‘s Doc Yewll.  Check out the interview, below!

Bold – Den of Geek’s Jen Johnson

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Plain – Trenna Keating

What drew you to the character of Doc Yewll? The audition sides were written so well that I knew immediately that this show was special. I loved Doc’s dialogue and I was fascinated with the way she related to other characters…which was that she doesn’t really relate. She’s a bit of a misfit and I loved that.

Are there any similarities at all between her and you?Absolutely, I have a real dry/deadpan sense of humor. The difference is that I only show that side to people that know me really well, whereas Doc is completely unapologetic and dry to everyone.

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That’s some crazy make-up you have goin’ there on the show…How long does it take to put the makeup/prosthetics on?  Can you go through the process a little?It takes 2-3 hours to get into the make-up. First they put a skull cap on me then they pull the mask over my head. Next they stick paint brushes through the mouth, eyes and ear holes and glue it to my face…sounds nice so far!!! J Then they paint me using an airbrush and then they paint the eyes, mouth, inside the nose and ears. Then I put the contact lenses in. At the end of the day they cut the prosthetic off to reveal my sweaty disgusting head.

Are you happy to get out of the make-up once the day’s filming is over?I feel like a warrior after wearing it for 14 hours! Yes.

Have fans recognized you out of make-up yet?No. I keep staring at people on the subway and asking them if they recognize me….but nothin’!! 

Have you had a chance to check out the Defiance Game?  Are you a gamer?I’ve watched a lot online but haven’t played yet. I’m not a gamer but that may have to change.

What’s the best part about being Doc Yewll?Doc Yewll gets to say all the things that we as humans often wish we could say but are too polite to. That, and she has a wicked office! I also feel really fortunate to be working with such an incredible group of people.

What’s next for Trenna? Do you have any other projects in the works? Or are you just working on Defiance right now? Do you have your eyes on heading to the big screen at all?Big screen. Yes Please!

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