Orphan Black: The Redesign of Natural Objects Review

The Clone Club strikes back against Evie Cho and her Neolutionists on a strangely spiritual episode of Orphan Black.

This Orphan Black review contains spoilers.

Orphan Black: Season 4, Episode 8

Who can forget? A few weeks back all seemed lost. Kendall Malone dead and burning in a van, a Neolutionist’s bullet lodged in her functionless brain, Cosima weeping on the pavement as Evie Cho mocks her with the death of Delphine. All seemed lost. All seemed beyond bleak. Like, really bleak. No, not as bleak as DC’s next half decade of film plans (I kid — but only a little), but really damn bleak.

But this week, light shines down on Clone Club as the seestras and their allies fight back against their enemies — and it all starts with Donnie in prison and a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Last week, Donnie was arrested by the scumbag Detective Duco for drug trafficking. This week, Donnie is placed in prison where he became Duco’s pawn in a high stakes game with the clones. Duco wants to know where Sara is and he hopes Alison will tell him. So Duco bets that Alison will choose her husband over her seestra. Alison may seem more concerned with her production of Jesus Christ Superstar, but we know from past episodes that Alison Hendricks is not a push over. The soccer mom and community theatre thespian can get downright Machiavellian when she is pushed, and this week, Duco pushes.

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Things get very Shawshank Redemption as poor hapless Donnie is threatened by some Neolutionist prison toughs. If Alison does not give Duco Sara’s location, Donnie will die — violently. Now, this all seems tense on a surface level, but it goes deeper than that, as this whole horrific situation parallels Alison’s struggles with her faith. Alison has always been portrayed as a devout woman. Well, a devout woman who has aided and abetted a murder, and a devout woman who has become a drug kingpin — but she still has faith in her Lord. This week, that faith is put to the test as Donnie’s life hangs in the balance.

So Alison keeps her faith — her faith in God but also her faith in her clone seestras. She warns Sara, so Sara, Mrs. S, and Art Bell spring into action, capturing Duco as he tries to corner Sara in the comic book shop HQ. So far this season, the creators behind Orphan Black have done a very good job of making Duco very easy to hate. Duco killed Kendall and this week, he beats up the owner of the comic shop. He is a violent D-bag and he needs to run up against a vengeful Mrs. S. Oh, and this week, that’s exactly what happens.

If I haven’t made it clear in past recaps, I freakin’ love Mrs. S. She is like a middle aged, female, retired James Bond. She is a woman who is fiercely protective of her family and has the resources and Irish gumption to do something if anyone dare threaten her kin. Well, Duco killed her ma and is threatening her daughter, and thanks to Alison, Mrs. S now has Duco tied to a chair. First, S has to make sure Donnie is safe, so she does, and then it’s about family. It’s about Kendall, it’s about vengeance, and let’s just say that we won’t have to see Duco or his stupid glasses anymore. Thanks to S’s shotgun, Kendall Malone has been avenged.

And Donnie is safe. As Alison belts out Jesus Christ Superstar, her community theatre off-key singing turns into a prayer — a prayer for her husband and for her seestras, a prayer for vengeance. And Alison’s prayers are answered.

A few more prayers are answered this episode as well as Cosima and Scott may have found a breakthrough to Cosima’s illness. Cosima postulates that by combining a Leda egg (Sara’s) with Dyad sperm (Ira’s), a cure to the clone virus killing Cosima can be found. They better hurry, because it is also revealed this week that MK has the virus as well.

The only drawback of all this is that in order to find that cure, Cosima must work with Rachel. Now, the last time these two clones met, Rachel ended up with a pencil through her eye, but now, they must work together for the good of all the clones.

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But that is an issue for another day. This week, Clone Club will take heart in knowing that Alison’s faith has been rewarded as Duco is damned by a very vengeful Mrs. S.

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4 out of 5