Orphan Black: Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method Review

Cosima screws up but Tatiana Maslany is flawless. Here is our review of Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 8.

From Castor to the shady operative of Dyad, there are plenty of enemies surrounding all of our dear clones, but this week, it seemed that the clone sisters could have been accidently betrayed by one of their own. But before we talk about how Cosima almost screwed everything up, let’s talk about the one subject we always seem to talk about- the absolute brilliance of Tatiana Maslany.

The one recurring aspect of Orphan Black that has been missing so far this season has been the introduction of a new clone for Tatiana to bring to life. Last year, we were introduced to the very polarizing clone, the transgendered Tony, but this year, other than Helena’s scorpion pal, Maslany has not stepped into the shoes of any new clones-until this week where Maslany stepped into the stiletto pumps and push up bra of the newly introduced Crystal. Actually, we met Crystal during the season three premiere but only through blurry security footage as the Castor clones tried to abduct her. This week, we got to meet Crystal in all her glory and like all the clones, there was so much more to Crystal than meets the eye. And, like all the other clones, Maslany brings something completely different to the table in her portrayal of Crystal. When we first met Crystal, blissfully working in a nail salon, she seemed like a typical airhead. The only thing extraordinary about Crystal was the costumer she was giving a pedicure to when we first met her. Of course, it was none other than Delphine who was keeping tabs on her ex-lover’s lookalike. This was just the opening salvos of an episode that centered on the fallout of Delphine’s ruined love affair with Cosima – but more on that in a minute.

Back to Crystal. Crystal was drawn deep into the clone conspiracy this week as Rachel needed the manicurist’s identity. You see, Rachel was plotting her escape from Dyad and would only reveal what was hidden in that all important copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau if Sara stole Crystal’s ID. So Sara sent Felix to con Crystal and we were off. This moment revealed a tremendous amount about Felix’s heart because Felix did not encounter a vapid, bleach blond bimbo, no; Felix encountered a strong woman who knew there was something going on around her even if she could not put her well lacquered finger on it. Felix encountered a woman who was just as human and complex as Sara, Cosima, Rachel, and Alison and felt terrible for robbing her. Of course, Sara needed that ID and Felix always gets what Sara needs, but not before he gave Crystal words of encouragement, words that meant so much to the confused young woman. They were words of wisdom that encouraged Crystal’s uniqueness that seemed to provide Crystal with a happy ending. Alas, it was not to be as Crystal’s story would take a tragic turn before episode’s end.

But in the short term, what mattered was the Rachel had her ID and was ready to translate the book. But the book was no longer in Cosima’s possession which brings us to Cosima’s mistake I foreshadowed earlier. Cosima is so brilliant when it comes to the hard sciences but not so much with the affairs of the heart. Right now, Delphine looked like a woman that can’t be trusted and Shay, Cosima’s new lover, looks like she was cut from the same cloth. Now, if one of you wants to tell me why Cosima brought Shay to Dyad I’m all ears. Shay really isn’t the science type and even put her hands on the all important book. Scott quickly grabbed it and put it in his bag which turned out to be a very fateful mistake. When Scott got back to his action figure laden apartment (awesome), one of the Castor clones was waiting for him and took the book from poor Scott. So it seemed that Shay may have been a spy for Castor and even if she wasn’t, why bring a new age guru to a science lab? To make Delphine jealous? If that is the case, and I hate to say it, then maybe Cosima kind of deserves her fate.

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So the book was gone but, despite appearances,  Cosima wasn’t a total idiot. Of course, she made a copy of the book, a copy that Rachel could translate for Sara and company. This week, it became rather clear that Rachel was slowly turning back into the real Rachel. Gone were the messy hair, the gauze eye patch, and pallid complexion. Now, Rachel had new eye patch, a fetching shade of lip stick, and a new hair style. In fact, between the scarlet lip stick, the wheelchair, and the eye patch, Rachel is looking like an amalgamation of Bond villains. Other than her look, it also would soon become clear that Rachel’s Machiavellian instincts also had returned with her regained sense of style.

Before we go there, let’s just check in with our remaining clones -Alison and Helena. Alison’s drug venture continued as she began setting up Bubbles as a front, going so far as hiring Helena and Gracie to make soap for the shop. Helena and Gracie were reunited in a very sweet but strange scene that featured Helena whipping out and kissing a tank filled with her egg cells. Despite the strangeness, Helena seemed very happy with her new job and even seemed quite smitten with Donnie who she said was “strong like baby ox.” Not so fast Helena, because that baby ox got his ass kicked by Alison’s drug dealing ex. Donnie put up a brave front claiming that he may be a bitch but “he was Alison’s bitch” (yes, Donnie, yes you are), but that didn’t stop him from getting his ass handed to him by Alison’s manlier ex.

So the drama was very thick at Bubbles but not as thick at Dyad. Rachel began translating the book when Delphine’s troops busted in and absconded with the book and with Rachel. Rachel went into a seizure and was rushed into surgery where it was revealed that she suffered a brain bleed. So Delphine may have had the book back but she didn’t have Rachel to translate it, nor will she have Cosima after such a deep betrayal. But Rachel’s fate was not sealed. Rachel was playing everyone and was secretly removed from the scene. Now , Rachel is out from the clutches of Delphine, is on her own to plot and will soon even have her eye back as it wasn’t Rachel who was in a coma, no,  it was poor Crystal. Remember before when I said there was more to Crystal than meets the eye? Well, now that eye will soon belong to Rachel who is back in the game.

This week may have seen Cosima make some mistakes but is also saw Rachel play her game to perfection and now, before the final two episodes of the season, things have really amped up.


4 out of 5