Orphan Black: Entangled Bank, Review

So many clones, so little time. We're good at keeping them straight though, so don't worry.

Sex, sex, sex. Lots of intimate coital knowledge in this episode, but not to worry Orphanites, every time flesh bumps together, the plot is thrust forward. Ahem. Sarah and the other clones seem to be at a crossroads, most of the clones don’t know who to trust, except each other, and their paranoia is ruining their lives, or is their paranoia warranted, as none of the suspected watchers have been proven not to be watchers. Since the storylines are getting complex, let us take a look at each clone in turn.

Sarah:  Sarah takes the big jump this week. It’s ironic that as Alison and Cosima’s lives are getting more and more complex, Sarah seems to be operating with clarity of purpose that starkly contrasts the immoral loner from the opening episodes. Tired of running and tired of her evasiveness that has caused her family pain; Sarah decides it is time to tell Mrs. S about her situation with the other clones. When we first meet Sarah, it would be hard to imagine her confiding in anything or anyone, much less involving something as overwhelmingly unbelievable as a cloning conspiracy. It just shows how far Sarah has come that she can trust someone with not only her vital secrets, but her clones.  When Sarah introduces Mrs. S to soccer mom clone Alison, Sarah and Mrs. S end up caring for the emotionally distraught Alison over trying to deal with the impossibility of the situation.  It shows just how empathic Sarah has grown, as she chooses to help Alison over trying to sort out her own drama. Sadly, Alison is not the only clone that shows up at Mrs. S’s that night.

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Alison: Still paranoid over not knowing who her watcher is, Alison decides to divorce her nebbisher husband. When her best pal and fellow ‘burb mom tries to get too close, Alison gets paranoid and pushes her away, when she pushes back, Alison decides to seduce her pal’s pot smoking airhead husband and bang boots with him in front of half the neighborhood. As Sarah is getting her life together, Alison, the once stable housewife, is unraveling and is acting more like old Sarah than Sarah does. When her former pal confronts her, the two soccer moms have a soccer mom cat fight, which of course Alison and her aggressive genes win. She shows up at Sarah and Felix’s just as Sarah is going on the run, as Sarah discovers that the police have finally found out that Sarah’s prints are a match for the first clone killed by squirrel shit crazy clone assassin Helena. Sarah chooses to spare her family any more pain and confusion by visiting Mrs. S with drunk and neurotic Alison in tow to come clean about everything. Alison was the clone that had the most to lose, and she seems to have lost it because of her uncertainty and abused libido.

Cosima: Speaking of libidos. Cosima takes the opposite take of Alison as she refuses to give in to paranoia and gets closer to French beauty Delphine. Last episode, Cosima tried to make a pass at Delphine who left uncertain and uncomfortable. Well, it seems Cosima’s insane hotness got the better of Delphine and the two make with the bicuriousity, at least as far as Delphine is concerned, Cosima is a full-fledged member of the other team.  Cosima’s confusion and uncertainty over who to trust has driven her straight into Delphine’s arms, and it seems like the French mystery woman is indeed Cosima’s watcher, or at least associated with Dr. Leakee and the organization that created the clones. Street smart Sarah is warning Cosima to stay away, but Cosima carries the same stubborn gene as all the other clones and ignores the warnings allowing Delphine to get a look at Cosima’s files on all the clones. Again, the irony is, Sarah is getting her life together and is the most stable of the clones while Cosima and Alison seem to be making poor choices with who they are bedding and why.

Helena: While Cosima and Alison are seeking physical companionship, Helena is gorging on candy and plotting to find herself any sort of human connection. Helena is like a rabid ghost, an angry spirit ready to strike at any moment. Whenever Helena appears on screen, it’s like the whole tone of the show switches over to visceral horror. Her signature dissonant soundtrack, her jerky movements, and her pallid skin all mark Helena as an outsider, a broken woman who doesn’t have a bond with a daughter, loyal step brother, or watchful step mother like Sarah; she doesn’t have any bonds with neighbors like Alison, or any connections to intellectual colleagues like Cosima. Helena only has her loneliness and pain, and this episode; she seeks to remedy that which leads her to abducting Kira. Kira though, is a special little girl who recognizes Helena’s pain and only goes with her to help her. She doesn’t see the violent broken ghost, she sees a woman that looks like her mommy and she wants to help. Sadly, this episode leads to tragedy and a moment that threatens to undo all the goodness and trust gained by Sarah so far.


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Meanwhile, Art, the sour faced cop that Sarah has partnered up with in her masquerade as Beth, is catching on to the conspiracy. Each episode, as the show grows more complex, it’s fascinating to track the character changes to each clone. With only two more episodes and lots to solve, it will be a huge task, but the show has never failed to intrigue.


The Good:
Cosima’s methods of seduction.Sarah finding trust in others.Have I mentioned Felix has the coolest apartment ever?Soccer mom fight.


The Bad:
Only two episodes left.


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The Ugly:
The oh so tragic final moments.



Den Of Geek Score: 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

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4.5 out of 5