Ranking the Best Dogs from Netflix’s Canine Intervention Trailer

Netflix’s latest reality series will find Oakland dog trainer Jas Leverette training up some dogs. They are bad, but they are also good.

Canine Intervention
Photo: Netflix

It is the official Den of Geek (or DoG, if you will) position that there is no such thing as a bad dog. All dogs are good dogs. Even by displaying bad dog behavior, a dog is confirming that it is indeed a dog, and therefore good. The logic could not be clearer or more unimpeachable. 

Still, the shadowy forces that be insist that people train their dogs, due to annoying concepts like “public safety” and the fact that a dog can apply 2,000 pounds of pressure with its jaw, snapping human bones like twigs. Thankfully, that’s where Netflix’s new reality series Canine Intervention comes in. 

Canine Intervention is set to arrive on Feb. 24 and will follow Cali K9 dog expert and trainer Jas Leverette as he assists Californians and their dog issues. “It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s always human error,” Leverette says in the newly released trailer.

That trailer features a lot of compelling human drama. It also features dogs. Many bad dogs, who are also good. Here is our ranking of the good dogs in said trailer. 

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12. Mittens Dog

It would appear that the dogs are in very temperate weather in this trailer. And yet Mittens Dog insists upon wearing mittens. A curious decision, but still a good dog. 

11. Flight Dog

Dogs should not kick themselves loose of the Earth and take to the air. It is dangerous for dogs up there. But this dog is undeniably a great athlete, and therefore a great dog. 

10. Sitting Dogs

These dogs appear to belong to Jas Leverette and that would explain their good behavior. Excellent dogs.

9. Waggy Dog

This appears to be another Jas dog. Good dog.

8. Belly Dog

Achieving belly rubs is a fine goal for any dog to strive to. This dog has succeeded. Good for the dog!

7. Walk Dog

Parts of the trailer would have us believe that this is a misbehaving dog. But as we can clearly see here this is merely a dog who likes to walk. 

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6. Dog House Dog

This dog lives in a dog house. He’s smiling about it though. So all’s good here. 

5. Held Like Machine Gun Dog

Being held lengthwise isn’t just for snakes and laser cats. We applaud this dog for defying dog stereotypes. 

4. Piercing Eyes Dog

This is a very handsome dog. Good job by him!

3. Smile Dog

Another handsome dog! You love to see it. 

2. Kiss Dog

This dog does not want to be kissed. But it must. 

1. Attack Dog

OK, perhaps we must concede that some dogs are dangerous and must be trained or held in check. Attack Dog is clearly attacking Jas Leverette and that’s not ok. But wait a minute…

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It was a ruse! Merely a training exercise. Jas is relieved and Attack Dog has been confirmed to be good. 

These were some dogs. Thank you.