Nashville: You’re Lookin’ at Country Review

In tonight’s episode of Nashville; Rayna is six for six, Luke is two for five, and by my calculations, Teddy is still zero for zero.

Tonight’s episode took place at the annual Country Music Awards with all in attendance except Deacon, Scarlett, and both of Rayna’s daughters. The latter wouldn’t feel weird but Gunnar swung a ticket for his nine-year-old son, so the fact that the Golden Couple of Country’s kids were nowhere to be found was pretty noticeable.

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None of my favorite Nashville vocalists performed tonight so nothing will be added to my Spotify playlist tomorrow, but Will and Layla performed a cute duet, Sadie Stone did her thing, and Rayna looked amazing per usual in her CMA gown.

Before getting to the CMAs, Rayna and Luke built up the tension by discussing a prenup in the Limo, and although the conversation went very adult with neither side getting emotional, it ended with Rayna telling Luke “You know I’d never take anything from you.” To which Luke responded with; “I didn’t come here to lose tonight.” So if we weren’t sure if Rayna was going to clean his clock at the CMAs before the episode began, we sure knew it now! Let the uncomfortable male shuffle behind his successful woman begin!

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It was cringe worthy, but Luke’s jealous dagger to Rayna in the men’s restroom summed up the way American men are taught to act in modern society. “The only reason your album went Gold is that I proposed to you on the day you released it.” Boohoo Luke, man up.


Rayna forgave Luke after he quickly apologized back at home and said he was a little drunk, and she basically laughed it off and asked him to wash off that booze before they canoodled in bed. That little dig at her entire album, paired with his snide remarks all night asking if she won another award while he was backstage “because three is plenty” is a way bigger deal than either of them made it out to be. Ugh.


More like a few small closers; Luke and Rayna made up, Avery and Juliette seem to be in a much better place, and Zoey broke up with Gunnar and his son.

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• “We’re never trying to take anything from you. There’s plenty of sunshine for all of us.” Rayna having to defend winning her awards to her finance and the world in a cutesy way in the year 2014. UGH.

• I laughed when Jeff told Mayor Sad Dad to not go talk to the escort he’s not-so-secretly-obsessing over and Teddy told Jeff “I’m not an idiot”, when he is and that’s exactly what he went and did. And I’m laughing again now just thinking about it.

• Holy cow did the press bait Luke by calling him “Mr. Rayna James” and asking him if Rayna was male if she would have won Best Male Vocalist instead of him. No wonder the “Oscar love curse” is real, everyone keeps perpetuating it. To be fair, in public, Luke was pretty gracious and complimentary of his fiancées success. The jabs were more in private, and I’m not sure that’s exactly better.

• Layla and Zoey have put up with a lot of BS from their significant others. When are they going to team up and sing an awesome song about that?

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. I’m getting really sick of Gunnar and his new fatherhood and now that it’s confirmed that the baby momma has vanished, that storyline doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I didn’t mention it previously because it was a non-event but the whole story line is. Good for Zoey the character for getting out of there, but I’m not sure how well that fares for actress Chaley Rose.

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I also think the Teddy and his escort friend story line is insane and him saying things like asking her if he should “put this on his tab” after they hooked up in the bathroom is just ridiculous. I liked the issues brought up by Luke being uncomfortable with Rayna’s success because I think it’s important to talk about, but I think he got off the hook to easy. I’m excited that Deacon is gonna get back into the game with Rayna because that’s what we’re all waiting for but because next week is Thanksgiving, we are all just going to have to wait a little longer.

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3 out of 5