Nashville: I’ve Got a Reason to Hate You Review

In this episode of Nashville, Rayna digs Teddy out of his pile of stupidity while simultaneously giving Jeff what he’s had coming...

On this week’s Nashville, Rayna finally shows up guns blazing and hair on point to protect her family and clean up after her prostitute-sleeping-with ex-husband, while Avery dotes on his super preggo wife and Deacon drinks bee pollen and waits for a liver. 

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Jeff can’t wait to rub it in Rayna’s face that he read a page in the Tennessee law and could sign her daughter to his label with only her ex-husband’s signature. But little did he remember (or the audience) in a fun twist – that Mayor Sad-Dad is only Maddie’s father in spirit and Deacon is the biological daddy, and therefore, lawsuit baby!


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Now, I’d assume Rayna could nullify Maddie’s contract with Jeff’s music label on the grounds that Teddy isn’t her actual father, but that would make for boring TV, wouldn’t it? Instead, Rayna waltzed into Jeff’s boardroom while he was meeting with the head of Edgehill and fed Jeff his tiny balls piece by piece until he choked on them. It was a beautiful thing. Rayna: 100. Jeff:0. 


After Jeff eats crow, he shows up at Layla’s door. Layla, if you forgot, got released from the hospital mere hours ago for attempting suicide by chewing a bunch of pills and rolling into Jeff’s pool. So Jeff comes over to have sex with her, because he had a rough day. What a great guy! 


  • “Avery, come rub my feet.” “Avery, I’m thirsty.” “Avery, I can’t find the remote.” Quit making Juliette a character! Hayden Panettiere has such range as an actress, you’re wasting her as you just wait out her pregnancy and making a mockery of pregnant women. UGH.
  • “Speak of the devil” “Oh, enough about you.” #PUNLYFE
  • Hey, Happiness Bully (great nickname for Scarlett by the 17 yr old doc, BWT), read up on this stuff before you open that gravely mouth. Most people on the transplant list, die on the transplant list.
  • “I’m sorry for being such a dark cloud.” Deacon’s sexy voice sounds like he’s flirting with whoever he’s taking to – niece, daughter, bottle of jack.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. One star for Rayna’s hair, another for her take no prisoners attitude in telling Jeff what’s up, and another for her attempt to stake her claim as the dominant momma bear not to be foiled in some silly plot device like Teddy and his prostitutes.

Side note – Teddy and his prostitutes would be a great band name.

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This episode lost a star for not having Rayna or Juliette sing in it – or have Juliette do anything besides sip a big gulp. (I know she is like super pregnant at this point, but pre-tape her in the studio from the chest up and play that!) And another minus star for having Luke still like start to announce his sexuality and then beg off from it. I get it, it’s scary, it’s personal, it’s career altering. Then don’t’ start announcing things you can’t finish. No one in the real world says; “I have something to tell you…. Nevermind….” Like they do on TV. Come on Nashville, you’re better than that. Please have more singing next episode. XOXO.

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3 out of 5