Nashville: I’m Not That Good At Goodbye Review

In this long awaited return of Nashville, Rayna and Luke deal with the aftermath of Rayna calling off their wedding. Micah exits stage left.

On this week’s Nashville, in what could have taken 10 minutes takes an entire episode for Rayna to talk to her kids about calling off the wedding, then the press, then Luke again, then Deacon. It was the apology tour heard round the world… but really just in the 5 square miles that Nashville appears to take place in. At least she’s man enough to give back the ring, right Luke?

TAKE US FROM THE TOP:                                        

Luke runs into their wedding cake with his F150 (I don’t know cars) and then shows up in Deacon’s living room demanding to see Rayna, assuming she’s there. However when he next sees her when she comes to find him, he doesn’t seem to have anything to say, so him seeking her out at Deacon’s felt VERY plot device-y.


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Shout out to Tandy! Tandy, my poor, poor non-sister. I’m sorry you’ve been downgraded to resident babysitter of your nieces and given all the dumb lines. “Is that why you broke up with Luke? Because you’re still in love with Deacon?” Oy. Vey. Chat with your agent. Get off the show like Micah did.


Rayna shows up at Deacon’s doorstep and said what she should have said 4 episodes ago; “I love you.” But then she asks for time, which we just learned Deacon may not have! So he tells her to take all the time she needs, so in the season finale we can watch Maddie go under the knife to give Deacon some of his liver and flat line as we CUT TO SUMMER HIATUS.


  •  “Me and my three shelves are feeling a lot like guests right now.” I’m super into the Javery storyline and wish it was somehow more relevant, but feel once a baby arrives that will make it even less relevant, except for some awesome songs about their love for their kid.
  • Micah may not be my son, but that won’t stop me from playing acoustic guitar with him, because I play acoustic guitar with everyone!
  • “I can’t do this Will. Your secret is killing me.” Kudos to Will for FINALLY helping to release Layla from his own demons that were never hers to fight to begin with.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. One star for Rayna’s hair, another for Layla’s performance in this episode and one star for how they wrote Juliette going from “I feel like there’s enough furniture” to making a place for Avery’s chair in the most important room of all… the nursery! Minus a star for Mayor Sad-Dad’s non-needed bumbling cameo and minus another for Micah’s grandparents irrational yet still totally boring behavior. See y’all next week!

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3 out of 5