Misfits series 4 episode 3 review

Rudy's psychopathic persona makes a welcome appearance in this week's Misfits. Here's Caroline's review...

This review contains spoilers.

With the new characters all introduced and the shock of so much change fading a little, Misfits had the chance this week to get back to business as usual. This means some messed up sexual politics, a creepy villain and some genuine, unexpected emotion for our central characters – all present and correct in this third episode. I called last week a return to form for a series that had started the year in a very strange and worrying way, but I have to say I enjoyed this Rudy-centric episode even more.

Crucially, with a third Rudy thrown into the mix, the episode utilises the characters still left on the show and makes us forget for a time that anyone ever left. One of my favourite episodes last year was the first introduction of Rudy’s two halves, and to have a third is just as much of a treat. We always saw that Rudy Two was the nicer, more vulnerable side of Rudy One, so it makes perfect sense that there would be a third member of their little family who exclusively had the darker personality traits of the three. Hats off to Joseph Gilgun here, as we were able to tell the three apart based only on facial expressions and body language.

Sent out to buy Curly Wurlys after nearly battering someone to death, Rudy Three was shopped to the police by the other two. Now released, he’s on the war path, and after the life his ‘brothers’ have built for themselves. To start with, the two Rudys we’ve already met seem to be spending a lot more time separated than they did last year (though that might have something to do with the effects budget they’re not using on powers), and I hope they stay that way. It adds to the dynamic of a series now devoid of familiar characters, and I feel myself liking Rudy One more when he’s interacting with his other selves.

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As we spent lots of time with new character Finn last week, this week revolves much more around Jess and her issues. I came out of the last episode disliking Finn quite intensely, but have to admit I now really love Jess. We learn that she was betrayed by her best friend, leading her to drown her sorrows in pills and alcohol, and hasn’t been with anyone in over three years. Rudy Three, posing at first as his more stable counterpart befriends her and gains her trust before attempting to finally follow through on a murder. The secrets-swapping scene was incredibly tense, conducted to the sound of The Macarena from a wedding DJ next door, and the pair acted their socks off to make the scene emotional, disturbing and character-building all at the same time.

The bad parts of the episode weren’t too bad, but I struggle to see the point of Finn’s step-mother drama. When there’s so much interesting stuff going on elsewhere, I felt myself getting annoying by the constant interruption of the soap opera-y plot, and my dislike of Finn has only gotten worse. Will this carry over into future episodes or the character’s future development? I don’t see it happening, and would rather have spent the time with Curtis and the mysterious trainee probation worker. Their storyline looks to be the main focus of next week, which will finally give the longest serving Misfit something to do in this new set-up.

What did you think of the episode? What role will barman Alex play this year? I’m sad that Rudy Three won’t be making a possible return (though in Misfits you never know), but at least we got one cracking episode out of him. 

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