Millennium After the Millennium Documentary Revisits the Cult TV Series

New documentary Millennium After the Millennium looks back at Chris Carter’s beloved series and mulls its future potential.

Aliens and Near Dark star Lance Henriksen plays an ex-FBI agent who peers inside the minds of criminals and works for a sinister organization, all wrapped up in a viciously gory and supernatural bow” …if you found out this was a brand new show about to materialize on TV this year, you’d get excited, so it’s easy to see why fans of Chris Carter’s dark-as-hell late-90s series Millennium still miss it so much.

Millennium, which ran for three seasons on Fox between 1996 and 1999 before being canceled as ratings dwindled, was a project aimed at letting the creator of The X-Files truly scare himself (and us) during an era when he was objectively at the height of his success, and the series welcomed a huge amount of talent behind the scenes. Sadly, though, the adventures of Henriksen’s Frank Black wouldn’t last as long as those of Mulder and Scully.

Here in 2020, a new documentary called Millennium After the Millennium from Resurrection Films and Factory Film Studio hopes to create a decent retrospective of the cult crime-thriller series, and features interviews with the likes of Henriksen, Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Megan Gallagher, Chip Johannessen, Klea Scott, Sarah-Jane Redmond and Brittany Tiplady. It also asks those who were involved in the show some fairly complex questions about how Millennium would work in today’s “crazy” political landscape.

The official synopsis for Millennium After the Millennium lies below…

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“In 1996 Chris Carter followed up The X-Files with the darker, arguably more sophisticated series, Millennium, a gothic horror show that pit actor Lance Henriksen against a thousand points of darkness. The series ended abruptly in 1999, but the darkness remains. Fans yearning for Frank Black’s heroic return can revisit past nightmares and see glimpses of a hopeful future in the new feature-length documentary, Millennium After the Millennium.”

And here’s the trailer, which got us pretty excited to check this documentary out in the first place…

Henriksen famously reprised the character of Black during a seventh season episode of The X-Files, which gave the actor a chance to bid adieu to the role, but he’s always wanted to revisit the Millennium universe, and in 2017, when Carter was in the midst of reviving The X-Files, he told Deadline that he thought Millennium definitely had “more life in it” but that no one had “ever spoken seriously” to him about bringing the series back from the dead. Still, it was clear that he hadn’t entirely given up on the idea.

“I always feel that there are more of those stories to tell as well,” he said. “After three seasons, we pulled the plug on that show but the ratings were still very good so I think that there is a new approach to that show building on the solid foundation that was already there.”

Millennium After the Millennium will be released via iTunes on March 3.