Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon Tease Wynonna Earp Season 2

The actors playing Wyatt Earp’s descendant and Doc Holliday himself share details of what fans can expect in Wynonna Earp season 2.

Melanie Scrofano has brought both toughness and vulnerability to her role as the title character in Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, and her castmate, Tim Rozon, is the quintessential gunslinger in his portrayal of the long-lived Doc Holliday. Both characters, however, have developed their own unique appeal and will be experiencing transformations as season 2 begins this Friday, June 9, and the actors spoke to us about what viewers will see in the coming episodes.

Fans have come to expect a special blend of emotional depth, supernatural action, and dry wit from Wynonna Earp, and Scrofano promises that this will continue to be part of the show’s proven formula. “Part of the appeal is that the show… is not just one thing. It seems like everything on the air right now is just dramatic. You can’t have a laugh during the drama,” Scrofano says. “I think our show does a great job of walking that line, and it’s just a bit more dimensional. You get to eat more flavors of ice cream.”

So what new flavors can we expect in Wynonna Earp season 2? “A lot of this season involves making really difficult choices,” says Scrofano, “and a lot of times the choices that [Wynonna] feels she has to make will involve a huge sacrifice for one of the other characters, which makes for really compelling stories because of course we all have that. We’re doing the best we can, but sometimes it might screw someone else over.”

The action is sure to be cranked up a notch in Wynonna Earp season 2 as well as the battle becomes more personal. “Wynonna uses her hands a lot this season if I’m not mistaken,” elaborates Scrofano. “I think a lot of the fighting that I did was a lot of pistol-whipping, and this season it’s very personal for Wynonna. I mean, of course it was last season, but this season is even moreso if that’s possible.”

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Gunslinging is, of course, par for the course in this nominally Western supernatural drama. Rozon remembers fondly how it all began. “The first day I met Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Waverly, she was holding a sawed-off shotgun, Shamier [Anderson] had a 9mm Glock, and I had a Colt Thunderer, and we were at a firing range learning to shoot. So to say ‘awesome’ is an understatement.”

Rozon in particular is anxious to return to the role of Doc Holliday, a role he relishes. “I love those flawed characters. I think they’re super-fun to play,” he said, speaking also of his role as Massimo on another supernatural Emily Andras show, Lost Girl. “Getting to play Doc Holliday is just a literal dream come true. It’s the part I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

As for the characters of Wynonna and Doc together, Scrofano isn’t saying what the future holds for their sometimes steamy relationship given the chemistry that also exists between her and Agent Dolls. “She’s too busy to choose,” she explains. “She’s not trying to be cruel, but it’s sort of like, ‘I care about you both, but I’m not willing to choose because I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now, so saddle up and come along or stay here.’”

The biggest fish commanding her attention might be her own sisters in season 2, as certain family betrayals are still unresolved. “Wynonna starts in a really low place; then it just gets lower,” says Scrofano. “Feeling like Willa betrayed her, I don’t think she can really even accept that. I think Willa will always be her big sister who she adores, and I don’t think she’ll ever truly be able to see her as a villain.

“And just like with Waverly,” she continues. “I think it would be difficult for Wynonna to see her as anything but what she is, which can definitely endanger Wynonna for not being able to see things as they really are instead of what she wants them to be.”

Doc also has some growing up to do now that his main motivation is off the table in Wynonna Earp season 2. “Doc was always selfishly after his own thing and that was revenge,” Rozon elaborates. “He wanted revenge for being trapped in that well. And then of course we got the revenge in season 1… but I think we’re going to learn in season 2 there’s things bigger than all of us and things that are more important to all the characters than just revenge or selfishly themselves.”

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Rozon agrees with Scrofano, though, that Waverly is a character to keep an eye on in Wynonna Earp season 2. “In a lot of ways, the only character that wasn’t [selfish] was the Waverly character… and I think that’s why she resonated so hard is because she was the rock of season 1.” Not so anymore, Rozon teases: “Get ready for season 2 because Waverly isn’t the same nice, young Waverly as last year!”

Fans are definitely ready for Wynonna Earp season 2 whatever it may bring, and Scrofano, Rozon, and the rest of the cast are just as anxious for the show’s return as the viewers. Rozon even shared the fact that he was in the car during his interview directly because of the coming season. “I’m driving 450 miles to Toronto so I can be with some of the cast on Friday for the live tweet,” he admits, adding, “I think the cast is more excited for Friday than probably the fans! We cannot wait!”

We’ll see about that! Wynonna Earp season 2 begins at 10pm ET on June 9, 2017, after a 2-hour Dark Matter on Syfy. The full audio of our interviews with Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon is included in the June 2017 edition of Sci Fi Fidelity, available on your podcast app of choice: iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud Or simply listen below (timecode 49:56)!