Masters of the Universe: Revelation Ending Explained

Masters of the Universe: Revelation certainly lives up to its own name with the reveals in that finale! Here's what it all means for Part 2 and the He-Man universe at large.

Masters of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Ending Explained
Photo: Netflix

Warning: This Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2 article spoils the ending of the series.

Everything seems pretty wrapped up at the end of Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2. He-Man is back, Skeletor has been sent packing, and things are (more or less) back in place in the world of Eternia. But of course, if Skeletor is still around you know things won’t be peaceful for long. 

How Did Teela Convince Evil-Lyn to Reform?

Halfway through Part 2 Evil-Lyn seemed to go off the deep end. Faced with a vision that depicted “the death of god at the beginning of things,” Evil-Lyn realizes that everyone on Eternia, and even in existence itself, has always been alone. There’s nothing higher and more mystical. It’s all pain and torture and Lyn wants to burn it all down.

Teela confronts Evil-Lyn in the final episode and tries to get her to see reason. Evil-Lyn thinks she has the upper hand, extending the  the same vision she’d seen earlier, but Teela is able to break through Evil-Lyn’s pain by showing her how she sees the world. Teela admits that yes, the universe can be filled with chaos, hurt, and death, “but it is everything else, too. It’s beauty. It’s love. It’s life.”

Teela showed Evil-Lyn that the universe can be whatever she brings to it because, in a brilliant play on the series’ most iconic catchphrase, “you have the power.”

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Wait, How Is Orko Still Alive?

After bringing Evil-Lyn back, Teela says she’s going to put things right. With the aid of He-Man and his sword, the two are able to suck back all the evil they’d been fighting against in the climactic battle. However, doing this would mean Orko would have to go as well since he’d already died in part 1. But then Evil-Lyn grabs his arm and says, “not this time.” 

We’re not given much other explanation of how Evil-Lyn was able to stop Orko from being pulled away but perhaps it was residual energy that was still within her after the battle with Teela. Still, it seemed pretty casual. All she had to do was just grab his hand? That’s a pretty easy fix to keep such a beloved character around.

Maybe it was meant as Evil-Lyn using her powers for good for the first time and it didn’t require a big show of force. She had the power to do things right, to make the universe a better place. Teela said the universe was “life” after all and perhaps Evil-Lyn giving Orko his life back was a way of living up to that. Still, a little bit of a light show between the two probably would have sold that better.

Evil-Lyn Renounced Her Magic?

Evil-Lyn returns alone to what appears to be Zalesia, the place she grew up. There she leaves her staff behind with what we can assume is the rest of power. But why would she give up the magic and return home, especially to a place that holds so many bad memories for her? 

It’s hard to say without any dialogue from Evil-Lyn in this scene but perhaps she’s going back to make a life she wants, one that isn’t defined by Skeletor, her parents, or anyone else. She’s bringing new life to herself, bringing life to a place that was dead to her. As many painful memories as Zalesia has, Eternia probably has even more. By looking to the past she’s heading toward a new future.

Is Duncan Still Retired as Man-At-Arms?

Duncan names Andra as the new Man-At-Arms in a big ceremony at the palace. Does this mean that Duncan is retired permanently and he won’t be in anymore battles? We aren’t 100% sure but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he might stick around the palace even if it’s an unofficial capacity. After all, his daughter is there too. Speaking of….

Teela’s Status As Sorceress

Where before this series the sorceress was completely tied to Castle Grayskull, Teela’s changed how that position works. With her presence in the palace during Andra’s promotion it seems as though she can function outside of Castle Grayskull even if she might not wield all of her powers. We’ll have to wait for more episodes of the series to see how this plays out. Still, it’s good to know that Teela can still be with her friends and family.

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What Happens to Skeletor?

During the climatic battle with He-Man, Skeletor was confronted with everything MoTU: Revelation was truly about. He-Man told him, “it’s not about us” and that singles a new era for Eternia. Things aren’t going to stay the same, people aren’t going to continually stay in the same positions they’ve been in. Evil-Lyn made a choice to renounce her magic. Teela became the Sorceress but a new kind of Sorceress. Andra becomes the new Man-At-Arms. Skeletor is left in a world he doesn’t quite understand…. so he goes to the only people he can rely on.

His old generals. Sure they’d betrayed him and were trying to round up all the magical artifacts in Eternia but Skeletor needs his flunkies. He busts into the cult of Motherboard and tries to usurp power from Triclops and Trap Jaw, angry that the two didn’t help him defeat He-Man. They refuse to surrender to him and Skeletor angrily attacks the Motherboard statue, attempting to blow it to pieces.


You’d think this would be the moment Skeletor regained control and a foothold in Eternia but no. The blast is deflected as the eyes of the hawk-like statue glow. It begins to open and a mechanical creature (right out of ‘80s anime) that has a feminine appearance begins to form. Triclops and Trap Jaw restrain Skeletor, taking his staff, and Motherboard infects Skeletor with a virus. This, presumably, will turn Skeletor into a cyborg like what happened to the other members of the cult back in Part 1 but since it was injected right into him we can’t be sure as of yet.


As Skeletor is overwhelmed, the mechanical creature’s head flashes and displays the insignia of Hordak, the main villain of the 1985 She-Ra series.

This absolutely busts open the door of MOTU: Revelation and seems to indicate that the series will now begin to incorporate elements of She-Ra into it. Hordak had already made an appearance as part of the MOTU: Revelation prequel comic in flashback form but to see him hinted at here is incredible.

In the original She-Ra series Hordak, much like Skeletor, was never conclusively defeated. Bringing him in as a major threat to Eternia would be an excellent reason to have She-Ra make an appearance in this new series. It also gives the series another big bad, now that Evil-Lyn seems to be done with evil deeds. 

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There’s of course the question of what exactly the mechanical creature that came out of the Motherboard statue is and how it’s related to Hordak. Perhaps it’s a sleeper agent of his, specifically made to bring Skeletor in line? For that we’ll have to wait and see.

The She-Ra Connection

It’s fascinating to see elements of She-Ra start to make it into MOTU: Revelation, especially since Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was released relatively recently. Despite this ending though, series creator and executive producer Kevin Smith told us that having She-Ra in season two of MOTU: Revelation isn’t a certainty, since She-Ra is currently owned by DreamWorks.

“(Having She-Ra) will be the dream if we are lucky enough to get a second season,” says Smith. “I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that everyone from Mattel to Netflix would love for that to happen.”

Hopefully She-Ra will be able to make an appearance because while She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was tremendous, it’s been a long time since the classic version of She-Ra has gotten a chance to really shine. Hopefully she’ll make an appearance sooner rather than later!