Lucifer Season 6 Possibly in the Works at Netflix as Talks Commence

While the upcoming fifth season of Lucifer was believed to be its last, Netflix is reportedly in talks to conjure a sixth season after all.

Lucifer might be on the verge of pulling off yet another (we daresay) miraculous reprisal, this time from its long-planned imminent final season on Netflix. Yes, folks, Lucifer Season 6 appears to be a thing that might happen!

While Lucifer has spent the last year touting – by way of social media – the bittersweet process of planning and filming what was to be a fifth and final season, it appears that the show’s current home, Netflix, is looking to make a literal deal with the devil for a prospective sixth season, with a report from TV Line revealing that talks are underway between the streaming giant and Warner Bros. TV to essentially un-cancel the series.

The series, the creation of Tom Kapinos (Californication, Dawson’s Creek), is an adaptation of the Lucifer Morningstar character, depicted in the pages of Neil Gaiman’s iconic goth-essential DC/Vertigo comic book series, The Sandman, brandishing a premise that puts Lucifer (Tom Ellis) – portrayed, like the comics, as an enigmatic piano-playing, martini-sipping Los Angeles-based club owner – in a situation in which fateful, potentially divine, circumstances have compelled him to utilize his talents and powers to help an LAPD police detective, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), to solve crimes; a narrative that has since evolved to focus on Lucifer’s Biblically-centric dilemma as an exiled angel and former involuntary designation as the King of Hell.

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Should the deal move forward, then it would be the second time Lucifer has avoided cancelation, since the series was initially canceled by Fox after three seasons, prompting Netflix’s rescue, which restructured the former primetime procedural as a streamlined binge offering. Interestingly enough, the would-be un-cancelation occurs as the streaming giant still has a television series adaptation of Lucifer’s source material, The Sandman, on its backlog. One might speculate that keeping Lucifer alive for another season – presumably well into 2021, perhaps 2022 – might be a way to whet appetites with a backdoor pilot of sorts.

There’s no word yet on how many episodes the prospective Lucifer Season 6 would contain. It’s an intriguing question with Netflix having planned the upcoming Lucifer Season 5 as if it were the show’s last, expanding its initial order to 16 episodes that will be rolled out with eight initial episodes, and a back-half that will be released later down the line. Yet, the show’s structure has been consistent in its inconsistency, starting on Fox with 2016’s Season 1 having 13 episodes, followed by 2016-2017’s Season 2 with 18 episodes, and the vexing 2017-2018 Season 3 rollout, which, thanks to some experimental scheduling, manifested with 26 episodes, boosted by four “bonus” episodes that were (confusingly) grandfathered from the previous season. After that, Season 4, the first Netflix run, arrived in 2019 in a sleeker 10-episode form.

Currently under the purview of showrunner Ildy Modrovich, Netflix’s more-bingeable Lucifer has more than maintained the cult status the show originally enjoyed back when it was still struggling on the primetime network schedule under the looming specter of Fox’s hair-trigger cancelation tendencies. Consequently, the concept of having Lucifer Season 6 might put fans on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it’ll be one hell of a ride.

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