Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Review: My Brother’s Keeper

Ella works to prove her brother's innocence when a diamond broker turns up dead in a family-centric Lucifer.

This Lucifer review contains spoilers.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14

“Save it, Evil Lopez.”

When Lucifer tells Chloe that “brothers can’t be trusted,” he not only sums up the heart of the murder in “My Brother’s Keeper,” but brings the dissention within his own family back to the forefront. The beauty of tonight’s Lucifer episode lies in its examination of the tenuous bonds that hold family members together despite their often conflicting motivations and aspirations. However, it’s the friction between Cain and Amenadiel that truly sets the stage for some intense soul-searching down the road.

The writers continue to do a splendid job rotating characters into and out of the spotlight, and exploring different relationship combinations. When Ella calls on Mazikeen for help in finding her missing brother, each woman gets what she needs, and the exchange is handled perfectly. And though her appearances are far too infrequent, Trixie once again strikes gold when she answers the door in the middle of her training session with Maze. Even Ella’s caught off guard, but the picture of little Trixie holding a curved blade in each hand with a menacing look on her face is simply too adorable. Of course Chloe probably has no idea what these two are actually doing in her living room.

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The fact that Mazikeen is back in the game cannot be overstated, and when Ella requests her help and expertise, it points Maze in the right emotional direction. Maze rather easily tracks down Ella’s brother to a seedy hotel, and when Ella recognizes her brother’s alias in the hotel registry, even she has questions about Jay’s involvement. What’s so engaging about these two together is that they’re so much alike, well, except for the killing thing with Maze. Maze wants to kick in the door, but Ella pulls out her toolkit and picks the lock instead much to Maze’s delight. Everyone and everything is not as it seems, and this frequent theme of Lucifer holds true with Ella’s brother Jay. Since Maze has clearly felt left out as characters pursue other relationships, her insistence on being paid by Ella seems a bit strange even for her. And though she probably won’t hound Ella for the money, it’s part of Mazikeen’s charm that she doesn’t see the value in doing something for a friend without expecting a monetary reward in the end.

While Ella faces some unpleasant realities about her brother, the feud between Amenadiel and Lucifer intensifies when Amenadiel refuses to help his brother remove Cain’s curse. At the center of the controversy, at least in Lucifer’s mind, is the tattoo, which as it turns out, covers a mark given to him by Amenadiel. Since it seems that Amenadiel won’t fall prey to Lucifer’s request, the entrance of Pierce into the celestial circle is perfectly timed. But God’s favorite tells Pierce that “the punishment fits the crime,” and there’s nothing he’s willing to do to alleviate Pierce’s torment. Is Amenadiel lying to Pierce when he tells him he doesn’t know how to remove the mark? Regardless, Pierce’s willingness to go toe to toe with an angel speaks to his desperation, and it’s quite an enjoyable and well choreographed fight sequence. Both men go through all manner of martial arts, constantly egging each other on, though make no mistake, this is Pierce’s fight.

We’ve watched Lucifer and Amenadiel butt heads on many occasions, and part of Amenadiel’s allure is his determination to keep his cool and not let his brother get to him. Finally, he has enough of Pierce and just takes a gun and shoots him which is totally out of character. Of course, this only takes Pierce out of the fight momentarily, but watching as they thoroughly trash Lux sets up Lucifer’s return and sarcastic comments. However, the high point of this clash between human and angel emerges when Pierce calls Amenadiel on his somewhat sanctimonious attitude toward his immortal predicament. Pierce reminds him that Amenadiel plotted Lucifer’s murder but didn’t have the guts to carry out the task himself. “At least I did it myself,” the lieutenant tells the angel. Are they really that different? Will this be enough for Amenadiel to help Lucifer and Pierce?

As the murder investigation progresses, and it becomes clear that Ella’s brother is not the man the family thinks he is, the connection to the conflict between Lucifer and Amenadiel comes into sharper focus. Each step of the investigation finds Jay in a lie, and though Ella confronts each with an explanation, even she sees the writing on the wall. And just as we see the truth about Jay, so too do we have to acknowledge that Amenadiel is not the perfect brother he purports to be. Lucifer confronts Jay in one of the episodes most poignant scenes, and perhaps because he sees a connection between his brother and Ella’s, he gives Jay a second chance because he doesn’t want to hurt Miss Lopez. “If you ever disappoint her again, I’ll come for you,” but of course Jay has no inkling of the power and might behind those words. Still, once Lucifer returns to Lux, his situation has become even more complicated.

Is it time for Lucifer to go to the mattresses? Amenadiel admits to marking Pierce but continues to espouse the company line. “Father cursed him for a reason.” So where does this leave the brothers, particularly when it comes to Pierce’s request? We know why Lucifer wants to help Pierce, so the brothers seem destined for their biggest clash yet. But what is Amenadiel’s motivation here? Simply carrying out his Father’s wishes or is it something as fundamental as good old sibling rivalry? You have to love the irony of Pierce caught between these two.

And then while everyone else is scurrying about trying to solve a murder, Charlotte goes to ask Dr. Linda for help, coming to terms with her new life. But things are not what they seem here either, and Linda cannot let go of the fact that Lucifer’s mother tried to kill her. It’s a stirring exchange, and while Linda’s reaction is certainly understandable, Charlotte’s missing chunk of time leaves her at a serious disadvantage. After everything we’ve seen Charlotte go through, hearing her deduce that Linda’s refusal to take her on as a patient means that she’s beyond help is heartbreaking. Whether or not the brothers are able to work out their differences remains to be seen, but Linda apologizes and admits she needs to treat Charlotte “for both their sakes.” It’s a wonderful scene and just solidifies the argument that Dr. Linda may be the strongest character in the show. When you consider what she knows and what has happened to her, it’s amazing that she’s able to still be there for those around her.

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Even though Lucifer presents Marcus Pierce as a sympathetic character who’s been unfairly punished, his backstory and Lucifer’s can’t be so easily dismissed. “My Brother’s Keeper” lays out the framework for what ordinarily might be termed a fight to the death, but of course, that’s exactly what Pierce desires. How great would it be if all three end up together on Dr. Linda’s couch? “No one’s leaving this room until we sort this out!”


4.5 out of 5