Lodge 49 Season 2: Paul Giamatti Needs a Snowglobe in New Clip

In two new exclusive clips from Lodge 49 Season 2, Paul Giamatti kills some line reads and Genevieve hates the world.

We’ve covered Lodge 49 season 2 quite a bit around these parts. From clips of Dud learning the legal system to Liz coming across Burt and Ernie, no stone has been left unturned.

Still, few pieces of Lodge 49 season 2 content hit as hard as what follows. In anticipation of the Lodge 49 season 2’s finale, AMC has shared some trets from the episode that immediately precedes it. In Lodge 49 season 2, episode 9 “Le Reve Impossible” the gang heads down to Mexico. As part of their trip, writer L. Marvin Metz (Paul Giamatti) decides to find a “snowglobe” to bring home while his French muse Genevieve (Susy Kane) decides to burn a hotel to the ground.

The following two clips expound upon these two crucial moments in Lodge 49 lore.

First up is a reel of Paul Giamatti capital “V” Vamping. Giamatti, his character Metz, and the Lodge 49 writers know a lot of euphemisms for the word “cocaine” as it turns out.

There are so many good ones here and the clip helpfully compiles them all at the end. But we’re partial to “the winter queen”, “vanilla gorilla”, “Frosty the Blowman”, and “a nasal cyclone.”

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Next up is Genevieve. Metz views Genevieve as his muse and brings her around everywhere (though they never get physical because as everyone knows, you cannot have sex with your muse). Genevieve for her part has lounged around, seemingly uninterested in what’s happening around her. Now, thanks to the next clip, we have a better insight into what she’s really been saying.

Genevieve has been Nietzsche in a white dress this whole time. She is consumed by the vile nature of the the world and lives every day in a fiery hell. “Your testicles will burn forever in a pit of blue fire.” Drag them, Genevieve! Setting fire to that hotel was undoubtedly the best moment of her life.

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Lodge 49 season 2 concludes with episode 10 “The Door,” which airs next Monday, October 14 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. The episode description reads “After the events of Mexico, the Lynx regroup at a revived Lodge and prepare for an important coronation; Liz goes for a swim; Connie has a secret.”

May Marvin and Genevieve live happily everafter, snorting all the cocaine and setting all the fires their hearts desire.

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