Legion Season 3 Preview Focuses on Harry Lloyd as Professor Xavier

A glimpse at the final season of FX’s Legion reveals Harry Lloyd’s role as David Haller’s absent father, Professor Charles Xavier.

Legion Season 3 plans to finish its serial run on FX with a giant psionic blast, not just via main character, David Haller, but from his referenced-but-never-seen father, Professor Charles Xavier, who’s finally set to show up on the series. However, this time we’re getting a brand new live-action manifestation of the iconic X-Men founder, played by Game of Thrones alumnus Harry Lloyd. Indeed, FX has just released the most intriguing sneak peak of the character yet.

Here it is, Professor Charles Xavier, as played by Viserys Targaryen himself, who has wisely traded a “golden crown” for a Cerebro helmet! The new clip has been released exclusive to EW.

While Legion has managed to make a protagonist – even if a perpetually confused one – out of Dan Stevens’s David Haller, a.k.a. the eponymous Legion, a powerful mutant telepath revealed to be the son of another famously powerful – Omega Level – telepath in Charles Xavier, it appears that the final season will lift the veil covering his paternal linkage. Indeed, continuing a live-action tradition set by Patrick Stewart in the genre-defining first slew of X-Men movies, and subsequently by James McAvoy – who returns to the role (presumably for the last time,) in June’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Harry Lloyd will wake the proverbial dragon as Xavier, who will finally get in touch with his wayward son.

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We already caught a brief glimpse of Lloyd’s Xavier in the teaser trailer for Legion Season 3, but this clip, rife with flashbacks, really dives deep into the role that he’ll play here. However, it might make for an awkward reunion, seeing as the Shadow King, a.k.a. Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban) – the mentally tormenting bane of David’s existence from childhood up until a climactic Season 2 battle – only came into his life because Farouk was an old enemy of his absentee father, Xavier. – Clearly there’s a lot of prospectively painful baggage to unpack here.

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Legion Season 3 will kick off the beginning of the end on FX on Monday, June 24.

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