Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Wet Hot American Bummer

Legends delights in a summer camp outing that highlights how its characters do (or don't) ask for help.

This Legends of Tomorrow episode review contains spoilers.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 4

There’s something perfect about Legends of Tomorrow being at a summer camp. Could any other superhero show or movie, with their dingy and washed out color schemes, fit there? I don’t think so. Legends belongs at summer camp. It’s fun; it’s silly, and in the best kind of quiet moments on the bus back from a field trip, can get really deep.

Seeing all these characters try and make it as camp counselors was a treat. Ray was especially perfect for this, being such a boy scout, but I especially loved Ava. Getting to tag along with the team, Ava struggles so much being a counselor to the kids because she never had a childhood. Her tearful admittance that she keeps a photo of her actor parents on her desk just hit home how badly she wants to be normal. No wonder she was so eager for Sara to move in during the season premiere, that’s what normal people do right? 

It should also be pointed out how damn good that exchange where Ava admitted that to Sara was. Ava apologized for running off but then Sara quickly apologized for not considering how she’d feel about not having a childhood. They don’t keep each other at arms length, they open up about their feelings and the minor conflict is resolved. It was a delightfully mature conversation and shows how perfect the two are for each other. Any couple where both people are willing to own up to their crap is endgame for me. It’s even better because it’s a queer couple! Look at you with the healthy lady couple, Legends! Bless.

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On the flipside we had Constantine desperately trying to keep Ray safe by keeping him at arms length. We’re seeing more and more why Constantine works alone. It isn’t just to be edgelordy cool dark and trench coats, it’s because he’s genuinely afraid someone else will get hurt. Constantine has clearly lost many important people in his life and he puts all the blame on himself (which started from a young age, as we saw last week.) He’s quite literally self-sacrificing when he gives up what appears to be some of his life force to a kid.

It’s here we really start to see why Constantine is so perfect for Legends. He’s deeply screwed up, hates himself, and lashes out at others because of it. In that way he’s a lot like the other members of the team. Perhaps he’ll learn, like the others have, that you need to embrace help because you can’t do it all on your own. Isn’t it wonderful how Legends slips in these great little morals while also doing silly Beetlejuice jokes and not so stealthy Swamp Thing references? (Nice one, Legends writers.)

Not everyone on the Legends team is feeling the team spirit, though. Mick has an unexpected bonding moment with Charlie when he quietly reveals he’s not quite as happy as you may have guessed. He hates that he works with people who would jail someone, especially spending so much time in jail himself. (It’s a credit to the series they took the one time Prison Break jokes and made them a big part of Mick’s character.)

How does he sleep with it? Alcohol. We’ve seen Mick struggling with his use of it before but now we get to see at least one reason why he does it so often. I can’t speak to how well or not this portrayal of someone who drinks is (is Mick alcoholic for sure?) but at least we know he’s trying to keep his true feelings inside. As much as Mick can be the live action version of a cartoon bulldog, he’s still got layers he needs to peel back. 

Like Constantine he has to accept help from others, no matter how much his pain wants him to just keep it all inside. Not everyone can be as open as Sara or Ava and I love that Legends was able to contrast these characters so well while still never sacrificing its trademark fun.

Legends continues to be a blast this season. Like a perfect day at summer camp it’s nonstop fun but in just the right moments when you’re alone with your buddy? You learn more about them than you ever expected. If Legends continues to mix fun and deep character work like this the fourth season will be its best.

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4.5 out of 5