Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Ending Explained

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 ended the only way this season could have: in a puff of blue fuzz.

This article (obviously) contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale.

Cuddle Me Beebo, a Tickle Me Elmo knockoff from 1992 in the Legends of Tomorrow timeline, first appeared at the midseason break as an anachronism. He was first introduced as the subject of a heated battle in a 1992 toy store between a young Martin Stein and a horde of obsessed holiday shoppers. Both young Stein and the last Beebo available were transported back to 1000 AD Vinland, where Beebo was worshipped as a god by Leif Erikson’s crew in early America.

For all the speculation, season 3’s big bad guy, Mallus, turned out to be a run-of-the-mill “time demon,” a monster with supernatural powers trapped in the time stream. He wasn’t the Time Trapper, or Immortus, or Validus, or any other Legion of Superheroes villain any of us were projecting onto this show, praying for more Legion on TV. He was just a half dragon, half minotaur, half goat who shot fire out of his hands and possessed a ton of people.

You know, perfectly normal.

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Meanwhile, the season was spent introducing totems building off of Vixen’s mythology. She was the bearer of the Anansi totem, which gave her the powers of any animal she could connect to. There were also totems that let the bearers control water, earth, air, fire, and the spirits of the dead wielded in the final episode by various Legends.

The totems were originally created by the tribes of Zambesi, Vixen’s home, to defeat Mallus the first time he attempted to take over the world. A drug-assisted trip to visit Vixen’s ancestors in the totem showed Nate and Amaya that the way to defeat Mallus this time was to use the totems in concert. The Legends did so, summoning an avatar that the totem-bearers conjured by force of will, and since their will is spent mostly on humorous frivolity that eventually saves the day, the avatar they summon was a 30 foot tall Beebo.

This was, in a word, ridiculous.

To have the climax of your season be a cgi martial arts fight between a somewhat generic looking demon and a giant giggling stuffed animal, and to have it work and be hilarious, is the quintessential Legends of Tomorrow climax. That they then closed the season by having Gary, the hapless Time Bureau assistant, cosplaying John Constantine before the real Constantine showed up on an Aruba beach carrying a smoking, severed dragon head promises more absurdity for Legends of Tomorrow Season 4.

Constantine’s presence and reference to the “portal” the Legends opened could mean any number of things, but his presence as a series regular for Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 indicates that we’ll be spending more time on the mystical side of the DC television universe. The portal they opened could have gone any number of places: Azerath, the demon realm controlled by Raven’s father, Trigon; Hell, which is pretty much what it sounds like, only it’s ruled by Neron rather than the Devil; other Hell, the one ruled by Lucifer, Mazikeen and Beelzebub in Sandman; or if you’re the betting kind, knowing that Themiscyra played a part in the season that followed Wonder Woman’s release in theaters and knowing that Aquaman is in the can, Darkworld, the home of the Atlantean gods. Either way, more Constantine and more Legends should be fun.