Krysten Ritter Reflects on the End of Jessica Jones

Ritter knew Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 would be the final season on Neflix before she started shooting it.

Jessica Jones season 3 marked Marvel TV’s swansong on Netflix. Released this month to positive reviews, the third season debuted under the cloud of the streaming service’s nixed partnership with Marvel, and in the wake of Disney’s own streaming platform slate reveal, which flaunts MCU spin-off shows and Star Wars prequel series, but none of the characters we’ve grown to know and love on Netflix.

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Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter was seemingly aware that season 3 would be the final bank of episodes for the hard-drinking private detective. In a new interview with Collider, she’s been talking about wrapping up her character’s story the right way:

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“Well, I thought this would be the final season, before we started season 3, because (showrunner) Mel [Rosenberg] would be moving on, and the show was so me and Mel. We are of the same the brain. So, going in knowing that was a gift because you can really craft it. We got to really make sure that we were closing out her storyline and completing her journey, in a way that felt very Jessica. I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity and to be able to tell this story. It’s three seasons, but it’s so much story because of the writing. It’s a psychological character study. We’ve covered a lot of ground.”

And Ritter thinks season 3 does a good job of saying goodbye to Jessica, even though it didn’t have a firm conclusion:

“That was the most important thing. I’ve spent so much time rooting for her, and it’s really about threading that needle of making it feel like Jessica, keeping it ambiguous, and not wrapping things up in a bow, but leaving her in a place where there’s a little bit of hope and where you have an idea of where she’s gonna go the next day. Crafting that with Mel, over a couple of months, was really important to both of us.”

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Overall, the actress is happy with the job she and Jessica Jones creator Melissa Rosenberg have done bringing the world of the Marvel comics to the small screen:

“The show has exceeded any expectations I ever could have had, as far as what it would be and what I would get to do, and the work that I have had the opportunity to do. It’s the writing. The characters are so fantastic. It’s exceeded any expectations that I ever could have had.”

How did you feel about the end of Jessica Jones Season 3? Can you envision Marvel doing anything more with the character in the future?

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